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Morning all you happy smilers


No Sokrackers I never over slept I was busy doing bits around the house honest. I am pleased to be able to say to you all that I have got a hospital appointment next month to have the tumours in my lungs zapped once again so I am rather a happy bear as it means I do not have to have chemo again, with any luck.

A silly one again a pal of mine who is only 3 foot tall went to the doctor and asked if he treated little people and if so could he register with the practice, the doctor replied "Yes I do but you will have to go on the short list".

Also I said to another friend of mine who is a bit thick that Christmas this year is on a Friday and he replied "I hope its not on the 13th". x :) Fred

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Morning Fred

Great news about them soon to be blasted tumors. And no need for chemo a double bubble this morning. Speaking of double bubble we got a double dose of your humour this morning. Right that has put me in the right frame of mind to face the day.

Interview at 1100 hrs so bet get ship shape and Bristol fashion!

Double shreaded wheat this morning so they best watch out for me!

Any plans for the weekend? I fancy doing something nice this weekend any inspiration or ideas?

holly17 in reply to Sokrackers

pm'd you x:)

Good Morning Fred, good news, no wonder you are happy.

A little bit of sun trying to poke through here at the moment but still chilly.

You got me giggling this morning, thank you , really look forward to your posts.

polly xx

holly17 in reply to pollyjj

Thanks polly I am pleased as this treatment is over and done with unlike when I was on chemo it was an on going thing. Stay warm Fred xxx:)

Hi Fred, great news, pleased for you :)

I look forward to your one-liners each morning, thank you for making us laugh.

holly17 in reply to O2Trees

Thanks O2 I like you profile picture behind the wheel xx:) Fred

O2Trees in reply to holly17

Cheers Fred :) it comes from my website Drawing Breath.

Hope you've got something planned for us tomorrow xx :)

Morning Fred

Good news about your tumors.You must be really happy today.Jokes were cute today. What does zapping mean in medical terms? Great news about chemo. Have a great day Fred and don't forget to smile

Rubyxx 😊

holly17 in reply to rubyred777

Morning Ruby zapping, what happens is I go into a CT scanner and whilst I am asleep the doctor puts a probe into my back then on into my lung and being able to see the tumours via the scan sends a charge down the probe and burns the little buggers, its painless and last time I was home at lunch time the next day which was enough time for me to tease the nurses. xxxFred :)

rubyred777 in reply to holly17

I never heard of that procedure. 'I bet you flirt with the nurses!

You seem to be a bit of a flirt.


Falling about in fits again....ohhhhhh Fred, you do make me giggle.

Good news about your hosp appointment. I hope it goes well for you Fred. :-D xxx

holly17 in reply to Jolyn

Thanks Lyn its the better choice than chemo xxxFred :)

Wonderful Fred,funny jokes that would not offend anybody. Pleased to know that you hopefully will not have to undergo Chemo again. good luck, Very best wishes to you, Bulpit

holly17 in reply to bulpit

Hi again thanks for that I just alter the jokes to no offend anyone. Keep smiling and stay with us its a good site isn't it xx Fred :)

Last one left me really laughing Fred.

Friend didn't have to have the chemo either. He's doing great now!

Wet and overcast so far here. Hope the sun is shining down on you! Have a good day! Sara xx

holly17 in reply to butter-fly

Thanks Sara xxx :)

Good luck Fred with the scanner another giggle at the jokes keep them coming. Struggling a bit today with a chest infection and the hip seems to be coming out in sympathy . Never mind the sun is shining and the wood burner is roaring there's always a bright side. X

holly17 in reply to clova

clova I thought for a moment you were going to break into song "Aways look on the bright side of life" Monty python I believe. Stay warm and safe. xx Fred :)

Good Luck Fred,I too look forward to your morning jokes.

Thanks for the wishes I will let you all know when I go in next month, keep smiling redted x :)

glad to hear from you fred,, i hope all goes well with your treatment.

like the funnies lol :D all the very best jimmy :)

Cheers Jimmy its not till next month but I had this treatment before and its almost painless and keeps the tumours at bay for a while. Hope you are soldiering on alright pal :) keep your chin up :) cheers pal fred \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \:)

Good news about having your tumours zapped instead of chemo Fred - I have had the zapping done and it's very quick, effective and pain-free so hope it does the job. 2 of my friends had to undergo chemo and neither would want to go through it again. Take care xx

holly17 in reply to Dedalus

Thanks Dedalus I had the procedure in January last year, but the cancer has returned in both lungs so they are having another go. I have had one lot cut out the lung, then had chemo on another and now my second zapping, rather greedy really arn't I, keep smiling xxx Fred :)

Ahhhhhhh, so this is where you hang out Fred :o am loving the jokes pal :D :D

I hope all goes well at the hospital next month and they flippin zap the T's out of ya once and for all :) :) Sending you good luck vibes and huggs for next month :) ermmmm, there man huggs soooo, dont get thinking things eh :o :D :D

You take care now and keep on smiling pal :) :)

Pete :)

Cheers Pal fully understand the huggs and yes I like smiling its good exercise. :) :)

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