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Evening all. First post, so here goes. In 78 I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Alveola Proteinosis. When discharged from military in 89, I was passed on as patient to Royal Brompton, eventually given conditional discharge in 95. In 2010 I caught pneumonia, and from then on it went downhill, fast.

In November 2014 I ended up with pneumonia again, and was then diagnosed with COPD. I am off work again with a nasty chest infection. I am a 61 yr old hgv tanker driver.

I have just been told I could be entitled to some form of heating allowance. Anybody any ideas, advice, knowledge on how much etc?

Many thanks for any assistance,


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  • I am sorry I don't know what you are entitled to, but the Citizens Advice Centre are very knowledgeable about benefits and the BLF helpline is open tomorrow and they may be able to advise you. Best wishes and I hope you feel better soon

  • Thanks I will be in touch with someone tomorrow.

  • Hi nice to meet you. Yes ring the BLF helpline tomorrow as they have a benefits advisor there. x

  • As above, I will contact them for advice tomorrow. Cheers.

  • hi del

    I don't thinmk you get heating payments for copd, but if your over 60 and in receipt of pension credit I know you get what they call winter payment.


  • You don't need to be on pension credit to get heating allowance everyone over 60 gets it even the wealthy, that is why some government members are trying to stop it.


  • In greater london it's not automatic. You must apply for it. One hopes that the more wealthy will refrain from applying.

    Just look up w

    'Winter fuel payments' on your local council website to see if they have a form to apply for it Delblue. Good luck. P

  • Everyone over 60 gets heating allowance.

    They get £200 each year , if they live with another person who is over 60 too,..then each person gets £100 other words its £200 for a couple ....and £200 if you live alone

    Not too sure I made that very clear..but rushing out now so sorry

  • Hi again, just a thought as you were in the military I wondered if there was a charity that could help you. I know how important it is to keep lung problems started with pneumonia too

  • Hello Del,welcome to our friendly forum.You may be entitled to PIP,depends on how badly you illness affects you.You can still get it if you,re working.Check with your Citizens Advice they,ll explain what you can and can,t claim,they helped me get full mobility and care allowance.Best of luck.D.

  • I have COPD and Ive had lung cancer loosing my top right lobe. I applied for P.I.P and was assessed a few weeks ago only to be told Im not entitled. If you can dress yourself, walk unaided and can wash and prepare a meal then you aren't entitled. They aren't interested in housework difficulties such as hoovering , changing bedding and least of all cutting grass..I have great problems breathing or walking too far.

    I get the impression you have to be totally incapable of getting out of bed without help to get any kind of benefit

  • Hi Bluedel53, the heating help is very complex. There is the normal heating allowance for the over sixties of £200 each winter, then there is a weekly sum for those on pension credit when the temperatures are below freezing for more than a week and last but not least there is an electric bill top up of £140 this year for people on low income, who receive pensioner credit , have young children or are disabled. You need an adviser to assess you and the method of claiming is different for each thing. If you have COPD you can be classified as disabled even if you are still working, low income for the electric top up is below £16000 net per annum. You will have missed this years £140 as it is paid in January at the latest but you have to apply long before the payment date. But you could be entitled for this year so it is worth investigating your rights in your circumstances. Good luck and hope all the info helps, especially the info help lines suggested.

  • Hi, This warm front payment is £140 per year, but only if your Gas/Electric are signed up to it. We have just changed from Scotish Power to a cheaper one, but they are not in the scheme, however, it is still cheaper with this new one GB Energy is still cheaper. But you have to be on certain benefits to get it. I have Post Polio and the cold affects us very much, if I get cold I have a fit. I am wheelchair bound most of the time. I hope all these posts help you, good luck.

  • Yes Ladybell there are a few of the newer companies who do not offer the £140 government scheme. Its a complex system no matter what, in order to get the best deal for your circumstances. I get it myself on disability grounds but I am with british gas who do it but as you say maybe not the cheapest supplier overall I have noticed a few suppliers coming on the market who are much cheaper on supply and maybe totally cheaper over the year. Need to be computers ourselves to work it out unless we seek help :)

  • Hi Katie, yes we have been with the same Scotish Power for years, but we had a call from this one and I wrote down the Therms 7 Kwh used per year and price and went back to SP, they could not match it. Even without the £140 per year we were£380 per year better off. Had to go to them. It is so complex, it is no good trying to work out anything other than the amount used plus standing charges. Has driven me mad for years. My hubby liked SP as they would talk to him, but I knew we could get it cheaper. Bless him, he has IPF. But it is through me I get the benefits. Kathyx

  • That's a big saving it works out at nearly £8 per week, worth the change. Scottish power told me they could only save me about 50p a week so I was better to stay where I was as I get nectar points on the money I pay so that more or less covers the 50p. I have Copd Kathy with arthritis so warmth is important to me plus I use extra electric for stair lift and adjustable bed, so my sentiment is shop around for the best deal I live alone so every penny counts as they say. I am used to doing the sums as I have always done them even when my husband was alive, he was no good at finance budgeting. We constantly have to keep up with benefit options too don't we, as these things regularly get changed by the government don't they and if you don't apply on time you loose out. Don't automatically get informed, even when your already registered as disabled, elderly or otherwise. Have a good day and thanks for reply Kate xx

  • The age limit for heating allowence has changed from 60 to the age of 65' but I don't know what the rules are if you are on income support benifit.

  • Hi diggercase thought it was still 60 for heating allowance thanks for the up date info.

  • Thanks a million for all the replies everybody. I have tried all day to get through to the BLF support line with no success. Continuously engaged. I have just made contact contact with the Benefits Helpline and was told I have to be 62 to be eligible! So, I really don't know where I go from here except wait, Godwilling......

  • Hi, try sending the BLF an email explaining that you tried all day, explain the situation and give them your number for them to call you back. Good luck with it P

  • I am also new to this site. So Hi to all who uses it, I might add it is a super site for info. I have severe Emphysema and all that comes with it... also I have just finished treatment for lung cancer , I had to go to Clatterbridge in Liverpool.

    And in reply to bluedel53 being ex service you are entitled to go to SAFFA for help, or the British Legion.

    Best wishes etch45

  • Welcome to you too Etch. Great reply for bluedel

  • Many thanks peege, I am trying to get to grips with the site, I read one thing and see something else so need to investigate it....Hope it will become easier.

  • bluedel53, Yes you are. You probably are entitled to more. Get in touch with the Department of Work and Pension to explain your situation to them. They should help you. Make a note fo whom you speak to, and of subsequent claims, so you can refer to these if you don't hear from them.

    Perhaps, the Social Services from your council would also help. Hope you get help soon from wither of these administration. Regards, Mic.

  • I got in contact with British gas who supply both gas and electric they told me I would not get any money towards my heating but said if we had to have the gas off in my area they have noted I have COPD and would make sure all work would be done asap

  • Hi bluedel53,

    Please give us another try on 03000 030 555, or email me your telephone number and I'll ring you back.



  • Biddy, we just spoke. Many, many thanks for your assistance

    Kindest regards


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