Does anyone spend 6 to 8 hours constantly bringing up mucus daily !!

My symptoms are really scaring me I am now spending every other day bringing up a constant flow of clear /white frothy mucus some thick some not so thick , I've got to the point I daren't go out, if I don't heave it up I can barley breath, it comes from deep and back of throat , I phoned my go for advice reply was yes some patients with copd bring buckets up !! Surely there is something to slow it down , I am really rock bottom

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hi carol

im same coughing up lots mucus everyday have been for months.sometimes very thick and hard get up making it very hard breath and can be scary. its that bad when im out I need have plenty tissues spit it into as you need get rid of it. ive spoken and just get told drink plenty water thin it down but I don't think that works. been told about breathing exercises that hels get it up easier, ive tried that with watching videos but not sure if I did right as it did,nt help either. but im waiting go on pulmonary rehab where they learn you breathing exercises etc so im waiting and hoping that helps.


If the mucus is coming from your throat Carol its worth asking your GP about reflux (if you haven't already). You can get a lot of mucus in the throat from that and it very common with copd. Good advice from Tam. Also lots of people take Mucodeen which thins mucus but it doesn't work for everyone (certainly not for me!)

Hi Carol,yes i was exactly like that and it made me afraid,i thought my life was over as i couldn't go out and i was worn out with coughing.My asthma nurse changed my medication and i am like a new person mucus stopped except for a small amount when i get up in morning.My confidence is coming back, and i went into town alone for a couple of hours and was fine.xx

That's great news for you BikerGrove, what were the medications changed from and to? It's so awful when your confidence is knocked for six, I really sympathise. I think only people here can understand that aspect. P x

I started off on ventolin and brown steroid inhaler then 6weeks later taken off brown inhaler and started on Spiriva once daily and ventolin when needed.well went down hill had to see doctor he put me back on brown inhaler. Saw asthma nurse told her how ill i had been and unable to go out due to producing all the mucus meds changed to Spiriva once daily Fostair twice daily and ventolin as needed. this combination has worked wonders for me,hope you find the right meds for you too. xx

Morning Carolg, That must be miserable and very tiring. Perhaps the helpline could help advise you ......03000 030 555 Lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. My husband does have periods when he is coughing up lots of mucous and describes it exactly as you do. I wonder if you have a nebuliser and if saline solution might help you. Sometimes he uses the flutter device which helps to loosen it. Reduce dairy - that is supposed to increase the production of mucous. Take good care, TAD xxx

A really good recommendation by Tad Carolg. Please make the call. I believe it's the cost of a local call in the UK. If it doesn't work, email them with your details and phone number so they can ring you.

Wishing you all the best to get some help. P

Hi Carol1g My experience very much the same except mine happens during the night. Starts after midnight and then on and off throughout the night and sometimes I sit for up to 2 hours with my Flutter, Olbas Oil and methyl and bowl of boiling steamy water and towel. Some nights its like you describe your mucus and sometimes thick and greeny brown. I am sore and exhausted and I have lost a lot of weight. Restarting a course of antibiotics some times helps. I am using steroids to help reduce inflammation but still I suffer. Sorry I cannot give you a solution but thought it might help just to know someone else is out there with the same battle. Sending thoughts that we will both get better.

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