Its hard but keep Smiling

Morning people, I had trouble smiling this morning as I am having trouble with pain, will be contacting my loverly lady oncologist this morning as its also affecting my breathing, oh happy days. Anyway here is a really silly little joke.

I was lucky enough to met the man who first invented the crossword he was ever so nice, but for the life of me I can not remember his name it's P something T something R. Keep that smile travelling around. Fred xxx :) :)

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  • Good Morning Fred, you always make me smile with your funnies!I am so sorry you are not feeling your best and I hope they will be able to sort you out with good medicine. I bet this cold weather doesn't help, roll on Spring! Feel much better very soon :) hugs from huff xxx

  • Thanks huff I will be fine once this pain is brought under control, like you will be pleased when spring arrives. Thanks for the hugs as I like them just ask Huggs she sends nice ones as well. Fredxxx :)

  • Morning Fred.

    I'm already up and out this morning. Trouble smiling? I think you just need to practice more. Take care and look after yourself. I'm baking today any requests?

  • Hi my lovely shipmate so you are on the early watch and you are in the galley already, do you want the requests in writing lol You have got me smiling again sailor so thanks for that, speak later in the radio shack. :) :) Fred xxx

  • Evening Fred I'm so sorry you are in pain this morning, the oncologist lady might get you sorted sooner than later I do hope so dear smiley. The Joke took my brain to a new level of determination, but I think I got it, which is a miracle considering its late in the day here, not many cells left haha ! Lots of love. LeeLee. X. 😄

  • Evening as you say which it is seeing you are upside down, its morning the right way up here, pleased your brain way working, time for you to switch off and get some shut eye. Keep smiling. xxxFred :)

  • Thinking of you Fred. I just can't imagine you without a smile. Phone today don't delay. suzyxxx

  • Thanks Suzy I have been living with cancer for eight years on and off so yes it will be sorted again, but will take a bit longer this time as its in both lungs, greedy arn't I xxxFred :)

  • Looks like the sun is out,I hope you manage to get that sorted, not nice to feel pain,have a good day, spring is coming.take care.x

  • Cheers colours your right pain is a pain which all of us on here have experienced at some point and some of you more than others but we will carry on smiling wont we ? The sun is out here as well. xxFred :)

  • Morning Fred, sorry you in are not good at the moment, I hope that lovely lady will be helping you with the pain today.

    It is I know difficult to keep smiling but SMILE we must, thank you Fred. :-) :-)

    polly xx

  • And a good morning to you polly thanks for the wishes and I will smile love, I wonder if the other sites have such lovely people as you lot. xxxFred :)

  • Morning Fred,

    So sorry to hear your in pain.We can't have that! Tell that oncologist we need you smiling. Hope she helps you out Fred.Don't like to hear your in pain.As much as your in pain I bet you'll have her laughing. That would be our Fred! Hope to hear you feel better later on

    Rubyxx 😊 😊 😊

  • Morning my lovely friend from across the pond, it will get sorted in the end as always Ruby, hope the snow has eased and even thought you are suffering with the temp at 14c that's so funny as its about 4c here, see you got me smiling already, speak later xxxFred :)

  • I'm confused Fred

    its 14 degrees fahrenheit here!

  • oh that makes sense Ruby I always thought it was strange as you put on about snow and 14 degrees, and I took it forgranted wrongly that you were like us talking about C and not F what a stupid wally am I. Oh well there I am wrong again thats the second time, mind you I was only three at the first time and I was drunk then lol ha ha Fred xxx :)

  • Answer is Peter Fred but not my hubby as he cannot get his head round crosswords. His spelling is not great! Hope you get some help with the pain and feel better soon sweetie.

    Wishing you well. xxxxx

  • Well done 59 +++ I will have to think of a more difficult one for you, thanks for your wishes. xxx Fred :)

  • Hi Fred,

    Sorry to hear you are having a lot of pain, and hope by now you have been in touch with your oncologist, and that you are getting relief from your pain, which is so draining. You have done so well, and will get through this setback, so sending extra hugs to you today, full of energy, warmth and all enveloping. Feel better soon.

    love and hugs,

    Huggs xxxx

    Have pm'd you. xxx

  • Thanks Huggs loved the attachments I have logged the Bison one in my head for future use.

    Those hugs were lovely and warm feeling better all ready. Returning some hugs for you Huggs.

    xxxFred :)

    Replying to your pm xx

  • Hope you are feeling a bit better today, lots of love TAD xxx

  • Thanks TAD yes on the mend ish xxx :)

  • Hi Fred hope your oncologist was able to help you relieve you increased pain, but see you are still being your usual cheery self giving us all a laugh and smile. Have a nice day :) :) xx

  • Ha ha. I feel . For Fred. That's one of the good things about. Breathing prob S they. A lot of things but. Not. Pain stress. Andpain in the beside. But oncologist. That's. Cancer. Fred. I am. Knew to this. Site. Keep. As well as you. And. Nice. To see. You. Still trying to. Be. Fun. You. Hang in there. Fellow. You are what eat. So really try when you have apertite fresh. Good food. I. Know this is easier. Said then done. But if you're on your own like me. I really. Limit My ready meals. And if I do had. heathy spinage plenty of Gerlick fish galore nature yog I had a thing called q10 t to my ceareal beetroot Low fat spread. Whole grain. Bread olives advocodos and in the cold months great big pots of ox tail and beef and lamb stews with dumplings beans spuds in fact I was told the two best value foods are spud and carrots and green and red peppers more vit C then oranges offal If that's how it's spelt and black pudding very rich in iron

    . Tomatoes fresh. Plenty. Water. And if. You fit nd it hard getting. Out. They or a lot of the big name. Super markets. Deliver. For about. £ 30. A year. Off. peak time. All. Day Tue. To. All day Thursday they bring right up n to my kitchen they are a. Godsend . Well Fred. That's. Enough. Said . See. Ya. And. Keep. Your. Pecker up. Bye. Paul.

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