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My husband has bulous emphysema and was admitted to itu on boxing day and hoping to go home today. We have a cruise booked in july but i haven't bought travel insurance,he can walk the length of a swimming pool but we will need to take portable oxygen.

Also we have never applied for any benefits,he now needs 24 hour care due to panic attacks and a month in itu,can anyone tell me what and how we can get some support as i will have to rethink working.


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Ring the BLF helpline 03000 030 555

They will give advice on benefits. Also travel insurance.

I would speak to your GP sooner than later to confirm suitability to take the trip.

Oxygen will probably have to be by portable concentrator for which the cost is your responsibility.

You are unable to take UK provided cylinders of shore.

Do not delay as you may lose any monies if you have to cancell.

Hoping you are able to continue and enjoy your trip.


When i travelled with Virgin they gave me their own cylinder.

Some airlines will allow you to take on board and use your own concentrator if it is airline approved.

Im not sure about charging now - Im not up to date - but when i travelled in 2011 many airlines charge you for providing oxygen. Virgin does not charge, and i think i heard that BA doesn't charge now either.


Apologies, reading too quickly. I assume you are getting to the boat via land, so last post redundant, and bits of the other one too.


So sorry your husband has had such a frightening time mg999. Call BLF like Stone suggests, they are excellent.

Can you tell me what it is that defines bullous emphysema, as opposed to just emphysema - I have emphysema, and large bullae in the left lung, showing up on the CT scan. But I've never been described by the consultant or any other healthcare person as having bullous emphysema, so Im really unclear about this. Maybe its a question or size or number of bullae?

Thanks, and i hope your arrangements for your cruise work out ok.


Hi, my husband has multiple bullae which have been made worse when he developed lupus.


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