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Aw been up with no sleep from sunday 1030am worrying took atarax25mg did not work on me at all was still awake all night any one know of a tablet can get from my doctor for sleep and axiety that just knock you strate out strong one tryed zopicloe7.5mg gave me bad hallucinations i think that zoipdem is same stuff can any one help driveing me crazy no sleep tryed every think thanks

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Hullo, England. I sympathise with you. I have never been a good sleeper since I was a child. Getting pretty desperate recently because the surgery wanted to discontinue Temazapam which I was on for years. Cut a long story short, I am managing quite well so far with Zoplicone and a valerian med from Tesco. Big trick for me is to cut the wine late evening, substitute camomile and honey and think relaxation thoughts.

I do wish you well. Think a cosy chat with your GP would be an idea. You need your sleep!!

See that zoplicone didn't work but there are others. I was offered amitryp which takes time to kick in x

Another thought, I was trying zoplicone for the second time - worth another try??? Hallucinations might have been the one off and not connected at all. One think to watch out for is constipation - a big enemy but take figs,.

Did you get hallucinations from zeplicone? Yer same here v.bad sleeper even before the worrying stuff why dhid you stop them?

Pergola the doctor just gave me five temazepam 10mg tabs for sleep do thay work good?

They will but only short term - see flibberti's message. Not a drug to take regularly. xx

Took temazepam at 730pm and still not working on me its now 920pm?

Sorry, England - you need to be in bed around 10pm or whatever time you go to bed before you take temazepam. Take a milky drink and try and relax.

7.30pm is far too early. DONT take any more tonight. Take care xx

Oh big sympathies, england. Normally i sleep pretty well but when i take pred I have about 2 hours sleep a night for about 10 days, sometimes none at all. I can hallucinate then just from the lack of sleep.

Sometimes i do get wakeful though if i have anxieties about something and i get up and do something gentle, rather than lying there worrying about not sleeping which makes it worse.

My daughter uses Kalms which you can get at Boots - don't know if you've tried them, she finds them helpful.

Hope you find something to get relief. And see your GP as Pergola is suggesting.

Yer she just gave me five temazepam 10mg see if that works for me hope so hate the no sleep when yer so tird and still cant get sleep its so horrble

Yes its unbearable - hope the temazepam work for you england :)

Im really hopeing it does work need it to

Yer im trying its the empysma that not long been told have thats worrying me thinking about it when laying in bed makes mind run wild then cant sleep get sort scared from it all and the panic with it

I'm a lifelong insomniac and resorted to pills in my 30's and can honestly say they have done me no harm at all. Recently they've been bashing all the diazapines - I take nitrazepam - so when they tried to cut mine I just told them it was up to them but I'd probably not benefit from being awake all night and that was the end of that! Reminds me, must ring for them today.

Yer its crappy not being a good sleeper or hours on end trying to get sleep at night my pantner head down ten min sleep strate away every night so lucky she is wish i could do that be grate 7.8.9 hours dragonmum

I suffer with insomnia and find Zopiclone at 3.75 mg works for me. I try not to have more than 1 a week. I did hallucinate once with Zopiclone but I was in the hospital with a chest infection and hadn't eaten for 2 days. Try cutting them in half.

All the best.

Yer dont like the side effects some them give you like triping i call it its horrble just them tho

As I said I only hallucinated once because of the lack of food etc. Normally they do their job. You may need to try something else.

All the brst

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