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Severe Asthma

Hi guys

It has been a few months since posting I have a question that I hope someone can help me with.

I have severe COPD my son has Asthma my daughter has Asthma and her son who is 2 has been admitted to hospital 3 times in 3 months with 'severe exhabartion asthma' (sorry if this is spelt wrong) he was on O2 all night and nebuliser every 3 hours they told my daughter he will be going on tablet form steroids instead of a pump.????

My question will this asthma get more managable as he gets older i was told when my children were little asthma does not respond well to medication in toddlers.

thanks for any replies and on another note ive been well for 10 months no steriods no antibiotics and breathing better yesssssssss

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Hello, My granddaughter also has suffered with Asthma since birth and been to A & E and admitted several times. Three times in ICU. She takes steroids and has inhalers and also a nebuliser who Mum can use three times then if no improvement up to A & E. She is six now and fingers crossed her hospital visits/ stays are decreasing.


Good to hear that your well for so long and no steroids, I get over it myself ,I don't take steroids ,I'm so sorry I can't answer your question although these days there are lots of new meds for asthma, all I know by all that have asthma that it seems to go for years to come back later,you do have worries with children poor things,search for help it is there.


Hi I think most children grow out of asthma but not all. The spelling is exacerbation - I am very proud of knowing that as it took me ages to learn to spell it correctly! :) x


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