You thought I was joking!

You thought I was joking!

When I said I was a boring old hippy.So here is my Era Art just to prove it.Yes this really is my right ear.Takes all sorts Don,t it lol.D. :D PS.did anybody go to test the new App. I did,nt get the parking information I asked for in time to arrange my lift so did,nt go.

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  • Maybe the app is for righting mucked up photos lol. :x

  • Oooo Farmer, you little rebel you. I love it. My friend just turned 60 and she went to get the tiny, tattoo she'd always wanted. She came home with 2 Large angel's wings on the back of her neck. Lol. Her daughter thought she was mad. Haha. We only live once eh?

  • When did you get that dun then today

  • I had the upper piercings done in October 2014, the others years ago.Did,nt realise it can take a year for the upper ones(cartilage) to about an hour to hook in the chain to the balled studs.It,s upper arm movement so I consider it exercise lol.

  • Great ear furniture farmer !

  • Merciful hour (as we say in Ireland), your poor ears :) I'm very partial g

    to old hippiness but would think of it in terms of purple flairs, those suede coats lined with fleece and of course, psychedelic tops with beads, bare feet or Doc Marten boots. Ah ! The joys of the '60s - picking dahlias to wear some flowers in your hair and a little later discovering earwigs on your forehead. I'm very curious about what all your 'friends' in the medical professio think of your ear art' . Rock on man !

  • I don,t think doctors are daft enough to comment,lol. D. :D

  • Whatever rocks your boat,Good on you lad show the world we ain't just old codgers x

  • You little rascal

    But why not I bet your style of music is good too.

  • I have a Fender Stratocaster(guitar) on which my favourite tune to play is " Star Spangled Banner" Jimi styley!👹👹

  • Morning Farmer,

    You are such a cool guy. Like Sokrackers said you probably like really good music too. I also bet you like Willie Nelson.What music do you like? Have a great day.

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Yes I am partial to a bit of Willie (Nelson), most old school music is fine by me.My son is a DJ,music producer,not my type of thing though. D.

  • Cor Blimey , as the English, say ! - What's this ear !! - Good Luck .

  • :D :D

  • If it makes you happy why not!

    Back in the day I had 2 tone velvet loons 4" stacked green Boots Jimmy Hendrix T-shirt and a full length fur coat (Rabbit) and hair longer than my girlfriend (Now Wife) oh those were the days.

  • Hmmm, you've defeated gravity there Farmer ;)

    What's on your left ear??

  • Only two piercings in my left,quite boring,shall post pic soon! D.

  • Good for you Farmer D. Whatever floats your boat. I have thought about getting a tattoo but am too much of a coward. I just have one piercing in each ear as that is enough for me. You take care now. App? What App? xxxx :)

  • Some of us were invited to test a new App at Healthunlocked HQ.I said I,d go but queried parking via email but they did,nt get back in time for me to arrange my lift so I did,nt go.Had no replies so far.

  • Well Farmer D never expected that, in my younger days we had motor bikes I loved them until one night we were going along and a car on the opposite side of the road took the bend a bit wide we had to swerve I hit a brick wall and went over the top and landed in the grave yard.

  • I like it...!

  • I think a bit of post '72 punk too in the hardware Farmer! Daughter had similar done in the early eighties. I didn't know for years because she kept her ears covered by her hair. She was 12! The hippy days were the best!

  • Three separate screw bar studs,one hollow Tunnel screw bar all linked with own linked chain and one bamboo red stud.Saves me staring at rubbish on TV lol. D. :D

  • its certainly a cracker that farmer :D well theres time for me yet :D

    all the best to you,, jimmy

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