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💟Happy Valentines Day Everyone 💟

This is esp. For Jimmy

A cop sees a man driving around with a

pickup truck full of squirrels. He pulls him

over and says " You can't drive around with squirrels in this town! Take them to the zoo immediately"

The guy says ok. And drives away.The next

day the cop sees the guy still driving around with the truck full of squirrels,

and their all wearing sunglasses! So he pulls him over again and says " I thought I told you to take them to the zoo yesterday" The guy replied....

I did... Today I'm taking them to the


Wish I had a picture! Can't you just see Jimmy with his squirrels off to the beach?

Love to all

Rubyxx 😊

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Love it ruby.......are they off to Scotland tomorrow? Kilts ready ironed


Chuckling to myself. Good one to start the day Ruby. :-) xxx


Now that's my kind of joke Ruby, I am sure it will drive Jimmy nuts. xx :)


excellent lollollollol


Lovely jubbley x


Ruby what a cracker hahaha xx


good laugh, thanks ruby,


oh ruby, so sorry i missed your joke :D ive been far to busy at the beach

with my squirrels :D there was a real chill in the sea breeze :D i dont know where this breeze was coming from :D,, but i know where it was going,,,,,,,,,,,,,,right up my kilt :D

these squirrels are driving me nutty :D :D

many thanks ruby, you've cheered up on whats been quite a rotten night/ morning for me , lots of love and kind wishes, and off course, a double great big thanks :),,,, jimmy xxxxxxxxxx :)



when I saw that joke I could just picture you with all the squirrels!

its still making me laugh thinking about it .Wish I could make a picture.Glad you liked it.

Rubyxx 😊 😊


hi ruby, still slightly better, so that's good,,,,ill have an early night now, then hopefully on the "straight and narrow" after that.

yes ha ha, strangely enough, that joke did the same for me :D :D even although i felt bad, i couldn't help but laugh :D :D ,,

i hope that flu is better by now ruby, and hope its warmer at nights, ,,, its 10,30 pm here so its off to bed for me now :D need my beauty sleep [beauty!! :D my goodness that's a laugh in itself :D ] best thoughts ruby,, jimmy xxx :)


Have a good sleep Jimmy. Don't let all them squirrels hug the blankets! My flu is getting better. Seems what i was taking helped. Going to be cold here all wk.

Feel better. Talk to you tomorrow.

Rubyxx 👍


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