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Having been to the hospital yesterday for my results on .

Blood test looking for alleges.

CT scan .

Breathing test..

I have parkinsons diesease and they found out I was a carrier for the Alpha 1 Gene and having C,O,PD as well . So I went for the results of the test the bloods were ok nothing to worry about but my CT showed that I had a problem in the bronci area and said that igt is reverse able and its called bronchiectasis and that's way im coughing up mucus all the time and will more than possibly need to be on antibiotics from now on and so on they are going to see me again in 4 months .what I would like to know more of this condition but in plain English and what I can do to make my life better now.

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Hi I too have COPD and Bronchiectasis and a lot of other issues too. For the simple plain English explanation that you seek a local rate phone call to the BLF on 03000 030 555 on Monday would be a good start. You will be able to talk with them, and also receive leaflets if you wish, to explain what Bronchiectasis is and how best to live with this incurable condition. Breathing excerises are available on an instruction sheet and also via YouTube. These are very worth while as when your breathing gets bad it is usually down to the thick stick evo-stick like mucus that Bronchiectasis produces. Learning to shift this and then to expel it is very worth the time and effort.

Drinking plenty is a good way of thinning the mucus. The less mucus you are producing, then carrying around, the less frequently you are likely to have bacteria living in almost the perfect environment. When you do get infections it is important to try and get them identified by submitting sputum samples to your GP as soon as possible. If the mucus turns green then the Doctor needs to be seen.

As for all the rest it is down to how bad the Bronchiectasis is and how badly you are effected by it. Healthy regular exercise and a healthy diet will help too. Again these issues will depend a lot on your other health issues, so I will not second guess. BLF and your GP practise should be able to assist with these.

Regards Rib


Rib has already given you lots of information but I would just like to tell you about the antibiotics. The usual treatment is azithromycin taken every other day. This is for the long term. I stop over the summer but not everybody does. Azi can be a 'wonder drug'; for me it has completely stopped the coughing. Some people don't get on with it at all though, and they do have to keep an eye on your liver function over the long term. Good luck


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