Past Lives Maybe?

I know a woman who went for 'Past Life' was supposed to help her to come to terms with her present life.

It wasn't with a recognised person with an 'ology, just a chap who said that he could regress you back to the times when you were a Cromwellian soldier or a hunchback in a castle...I thought it was pretty daft actually, but an easy enough way of earning a decent living...

It isn't the same belief as Karma, that is an ancient belief after all and whether you believe in it or not it does have its place in many religious belief systems...past life regression is vaguely New Age and I've always considered it to be slightly dubious .

But I keep coming across it...people who airily wave a hand and announce they were once a member of Henry V111 Court and they can clearly recall the feeling of wearing a stiff lace ruff around their neck...

Then that same person comes over all sad and bewildered because the latest life the dodgy therapist has come up with is that they were once a Witch and burnt at the stake...when I point out the witches weren't actually witches at all...just barmy old ladies who lived with a black cat and a toad who would have confessed to anything at all under Mediaeval torture, that produces floods of tears and much hand wringing about how sad it was...that's why I have these dreadful pains in my side! It was the torture...I'm remembering the torture!

I suggest it's more likely to be a stitch 'cos she ran all the way to our cottage...

She calls me a horrible feckin' cynic...I call her a gullible eejit.

So I ask why wasn't she ever a little kitchen maid scrubbing the pans and sleeping by the hearth on straw...probably next to the hunchback, who no doubt had fleas and bad breath and snored loudly.

Poor Lou...she found it wasn't helping much and stopped going, but for a while she believed completely that by somehow reliving her past experiences it would help her come to terms with her present day problems.

But it did make me think seriously about whether or not it is possible to go back in time and learn from past experience...perhaps not even to learn, but just to explain maybe, your penchant for wild open spaces or your ability to cook...

Could be you have a avid interest in herbal cures or a natural affinity with those qualities go back centuries to the time when you were once a travelling herbalist able to cure most common ailments...or maybe you were a brown robed monk in a Friary who tended the physic garden. Perhaps your love of horses and theirs for you, indicates you were once a stable lad who slept above the horse stalls in the yard attached to some grand house...

Or you could have been a Travelling man, breeding those great painted horses with their feathered feet...

Basing your answer on the feeling of déjà vu you may have experienced or on your natural sway towards certain times and you think you have a past life or lives which teeter at the very edge of your conscious thought...

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  • I went to see someone doing the same sort of thing....a natural healer who used regression as part of the therapy. She couldn't regress me at all and I left thinking it had been a waste of money. I was there because I was upset, confused, frightened etc by a recent surprise diagnosis of lung cancer and felt I needed to find my inner strength to deal with the awful situation I found myself in. That night I was talking to a friend of my son's about the waste of time it had been.....after a while I suddenly realised that I was speaking very forcefully about the side effects of the chemo they wanted to give me and I came to realise that it was the thought of the chemo and all the bad things it could do to me that had been making me so the point that I had stopped eating, sleeping etc. I was a mess....that's why I went to the healer. I woke up the next day absolutely knowing that chemo was not for me....I had become convinced that it would kill me because I am already underweight and not very strong and in my mind I was going to go into hospital for the chemo and come out like a Belsen victim. I got out of bed and called the hospital and told them I didn't want the chemo. Immediately after that call was made i began to feel less anxious and more relaxed and felt that I had taken control of my life back. My family disapproved and my consultant wasn't very friendly when I next saw him....but I was determined that I would treat myself with alternative remedies and take my chances. Since then I have been able to get on with my life without the feeling of impending doom surrounding me and I feel extremely well and as happy as I can be. Readers of this post may, like my family, think I'm nuts to turn the chemo down, but I would like to hear from others who feel like me and are treating themselves. I am not afraid to admit to taking cannabis oil or munching on apricot kernals etc. I was told that chemo would give me a five per cent better chance of cancer not coming back after lung surgery but I reckon that with the oil and a healthy diet of green stuff and bits and bobs of other chances of it not coming back must be at least five per cent....the same as having chemo. Would love to hear from anyone going the same route. Best wishes to all.

  • I'm so sorry you are going through such a difficult time might find that the group you really need for advice etc would be the one for people with lung cancer...sending you very much love xxx

  • Hi Vashti...thank you for your reply. I thought this was a site for lung cancer!!! Best wishes Stevey

  • Some members do have lung cancer but it's mostly for people with other lung diseases...very best wishes to you.

  • I have had BC - twice, and like you Steveyb, I turned down chemo - both times. I had radiotherapy but I do not like the idea of all those chemicals surging through my veins. I have seen what chemo does to people and it's not for me. I think it's still very hit and miss and I won't be a guinea pig. I'm sure you and I aren't alone with this decision? I wish you all the best. XX

  • Ah the mystery of what lies in the DNA! We have our ancestor's knowledge within us. I don't see the need to overlay reincarnation upon that. I do think death is the big recycle moment but I don't believe memory survives through death. And why should we not be recycled into the past instead of the future always. Death releases us from all constraints of time. De ja vu is another thing as well; its to do with intimate and very personal knowledge that is accessible amid the impersonality of the cosmos during any given moment.

  • I really love your stories vashti. Whatever did we do for entertainment before you joined us? I am in awe of your talent. xx

  • Based in the way I feel today I must if been the witch finder general. I really wouldn't want to know my past lives ( if there us such a thing) enough dissappointment in this life

  • Yes, one life is enough joy and sorrow for anyone to have to handle.

  • Hello Vashti

    Yet again a wonderful story and exciting language. I dididn't want it to end. You really must write a book with them all in if not for us, for future generations to understand life in the past. Best Wishes barnowl

  • Yes! I do Vashti, and I've been tempted several times to be regressed - but not yet gone through with it. It's a bit too long to tell the whole story here, but it happened to me when I was very young - even before I could read properly. I never gave it another thought until many, many years later when I was in full flood studying for my degree, that I came across something that threw me back so fast to that childhood experience that it made my head spin! I cannot explain why it happened and doubt that I shall ever be able to, but it certainly makes you think when these things happen that, like they say "There are more things between Heaven and Earth ......."

  • I do sometimes see things before they happen vashti - does that count? I am serious by the way and did see my poor mum dead in her coffin with her hands folded over a nice teddy bear I had brought her for Christmas but was destined never to give her. She went into hospital that day and died of a stroke a week later. Is it a "gift" or a bit of a curse? My mum was like that too and so is my daughter but what do I know? xxxx

  • I am the same as you. They never claim to be medieval tanners/dyers that are knee deep in urine. Never recall the fact that most people of that age had beasties coming out of orifices or the lack of teeth. It was found that the biggest cause of natural death in ancient Egypt was bad teeth!

  • Maybe deja vu and 'past life' memories are caused by 'leakage' from your 'self' in a parallel universe . . .

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