the pesky Scot is back :) :)

i would like to thank all the members [except for huggs :) :) xxx] for all their help and support.

i honestly cant find words to express my gratitude to each and everyone on this site. you have all been so kind and caring.

i haven't been too well at all, the last few weeks, but hopefully on the "up" now after finally getting antibiotics that seems to be actually working, this along with other medication.

i genuinely thank you all from the bottom of my heart [and huggs bottom too :) :) ,, its get my own back time now :) :) ]

huggs has been a gem.xx

i am still not out the woods yet though.

[ i was bird nesting :) :) "eyes" :) ]

i am still very tired, and now just taking things easy, but forging forwards each day now, and beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel [it seemed a long tunnel :) :) ]

i send my prayers for any members that are unwell at this time.

words cannot express my gratitude, i find it hard to believe how great you have all been, i honestly don't know what i would have done without the support of this site, i am so, so grateful

i send my heartfelt love to all on this site

jimmy xxxxxxxx

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  • Jimmy u have a huge heart and always make people smile, I'm so glad even if it is slowly that ur slightly getting better and hope it continues that way for u :) Huggs is fantastic and a true friend, it's people like u 2, and everyone else on here that make this site fantastic. Sending lots of ((( hugs ))) and ❤️ X sonia x

  • oh lovely to see you sonia, and thanks for the lovely message,

    yes, your all the salt off the earth,there's no doubt about it,,

    many thanks sonia,

    you take care now, lots of love jimmy xxx :)

    wont mention huggs, sonia :D :D nah shes been tip top , shes cheered me up a good few times especially when feeling quite low , as i say, shes a gem to all

  • Hurray! so good to see you back on here. Just keep getting well.

    And you are right Jimmy. Our Huggs deserves every scrap of our praise.

    Take care buddy. xx

  • hi sara,

    yes its glad to be back, and i hope to do just that, keep as well as poss. i,ll get better each day now, day by day,

    and yes huggs has been great, how she put up with me god only knows, but she really did me proud, thanks again sara,

    love jimmy xxx

  • She is one of life's Angels is our Huggs and its wonderful to see you back Jimmy and gunning for Her :D

  • hi pat,

    good to see you eyes [that sounds daft doesn't it :D ]

    aye she,s some case is our huggs :D apart from her cheering me up, she did give a lot of sense,,,,and she can be really witty [mind you,,,at my expense :D ] never mind, as you say,,, im gunning for her!! :D lots of love pat,,, jimmy xxx :)

  • And love to you Jimmy - glad you're back. Rest up and get strong. Sending healing thoughts, xxx :)

  • great to hear from you 02, and thanks for your message, thanks for the healing thoughts, so kind of you,

    as you say, rest and get strong, and really that's what im doing, i think your body actual tells you that, but its a relief to at least feel a wee bitty better,,, big thanks 02,, love jimmy xxx :)

  • Glad to see you back jimmy may you continue getting better everyday


  • hi pat,

    great to hear from you, yes, im sure now, i,ll continue to improve, im happy to be going"up" the way rather than that down feeling, so its a case of play it day by day,,, many thanks pat, take care now, love jimmy xxx :)

  • Sending you lots of love Jimmy. It's so good to have you back and in good spirits. I hope you continue to recover and feel back to your old self in no time. xxx :-)

  • and lovely to here from you jolyn, :)

    i hope things are going well for you,

    yes i should hope to be back to my old self very soon, just so glad to be feeling that much better,

    take care now jolyn, hope things are ok with you, love jimmy xxx :)

  • Welcome back again jimmy and you take good care and no overdoing things. Let people take care of you. Lots of love and good wishes and thanks again to huggs for the brilliant updates. xxxxxxxxxxxxx :)

  • hi sassy,

    thanks a lot, yes i,ll take it easy, and just catch up on things slowly, i think ive learned a lot myself this time [not to be so stubborn lol :D ] and a big thanks to huggs, she really has been a godsend , you are all great people sas,, lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • Aw bless you Jimmy. You are an integral part of this site even if you do like squirrels too much! :d xx

  • :D :D dont even mention squirrels cough lol :D i,ll be off to my dray :) shortly lol :D all the very best cough,, i still cant get over that lovely house your in :D ,, the one we had the party in, ha ha,, lots of love cough,, jimmy xxx :)

  • Glad to have you back you were really missed get well soon

  • thanks a lot jimmy, [great name that :D ] aye were getting there now thanks, take care jim,, jimmy :D

  • Lovely to see you back Jimmy; so glad you are getting better. Love, Mx

  • ah so nice to hear from you Mx, yes im on the road to recovery now, i do hope you are well, lots of kind wishes , love jimmy xxx :)

  • So glad to see that you have finally acquired a working computer. Knowing how much you live in a world of constant pain and discomfort, where your computer is your only real escape and diversion, I have been keeping daily tabs on you via the Lady of Bute. Thanks for the Message. I look forward to talking later.

  • :D yes i like that rib :D the "Lady of Bute" ,, but seriously she really has been a real "beaut". :D shes been marvelous to not just me, but to many on the site

    [even although im still going to murder her :D ]

    im still trying to wangle my way round this computer rib, but impossible a few days ago. however learning bits now

    , yes we,le have a chat later rib, i know you go through a lot yourself, so i hope at this time your reasonably free from pain

    all the very best for now my friend,,, jimmy

  • Onward and upward now, great to hear you are on the road to recovery,hope you will soon be feeling much better.

  • yes thats it Ted, onwards and upwards :) thanks for the kind message, you take good care now,,all the very best jimmy

  • Yeah! Welcome back Jimmy. You were greatly missed. Its just not the same without you aboard. Take it slow and easy We're all here for you


    Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • ah ruby, :) great to hear from you, and many thanks for your kind message,

    that's exactly what i intend to do ruby, just take things slow and easy,, welle get there better that way :) maybe safer as well :) its such a great site ruby, each one, all with their own difficulties, but all in support of each other, lovely people,, thanks a lot ruby, lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • just noticed ruby, you had a bad cold, i hope by this time you are much better,, love jimmy xxx

  • Hi Jimmy

    I guess I have the flu. Just gotta run its course.

    I posted a joke for you on the main post. Did you see it? How are you feeling?


    Rubyxx 😊

  • I haven't been very active in the forum of late but am pleased to hear that you are now back with us after being so poorly. I think we are lucky to have huggs around - a great lady and good to read her messages. So, Jimmy take care and all good wishes for better health. Love Pergola xx

  • hi pergola, many thanks for your kind message, i hope things are going ok for you, i have often thought of you, i send my best regards,

    yes, i think huggs has done us all proud, i don't know how she does it, as she is often not too well herself,

    i wish the same to you pergola, lots of kind thoughts and wishes, love jimmy xxx

  • Thanks, Jimmy for your kind thoughts. I am settling into my new life in New Milton quite well but miss husband so much. But this friendly forum has been a comfort. My other mate, azithromycin has continued to keep me free of bugs, thank goodness. xxx

  • its great to hear from you pergola, i know you've had it hard, but glad to hear your settling in at milton keynes now, not be long to spring now, hopefully lift all our spirits.

    yes the forum is a godsend , i'm wondering if azithromycin would help me :) lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • You need to be referred to your consultant. He is the only one that can prescribe azithromycin. Thanks so much for your thoughts. No, I live in New Milton not MK. Keep well, jimmy xx

  • sorry for the mistake pergola,, hope allis well at New Miton,

    i,ll see how this doxy goes for now, its only the second day,,then get result of sputum,,take care now,, jimmy xx

  • I cant believe I have been in NM since last April. So much has happened during that time but now I hope to work towards a happier life. I have to say the air is excellent for me. I am trying to make some friends but that takes time. I am so grateful for my azithromycin xx

  • i am glad to hear that pergola, it sounds good that the air is better, yes its a big change in your life, but feel sure, you will make new friends, settle down and look forward to the summer, yes how time flies

    doesn't it :)

    i happened to ask my g,p who was here friday , about azithromycin, but was told that she couldn't give me this due to other medication , i think its the" lyirca", their upping the strength from 300mg to 600 mg,, my goodness i feel ive enough medication, never mind im feeling slightly better day by day, hoping your keep well, kindest regards jimmy :)

  • Woohoo, Jimmy, I'm so glad your back. We've missed you. You seem so much better in yourself and that's lovely to see. Take things nice and easy now Jimmy, and welcome home. xxx

  • hi casper, thanks a lot for your kind thoughts, im a little slower of late, but edging forward each day,

    yes just taking things easy, bit by bit, thanks again casp, best thoughts jimmy xx

  • Missed you Jimmy. I'm sure it feels like a tough trek at times but lovely to see your on the up and up! Love Suz xx

  • hi suz, yes it sure is a tough trek at times :) but with the help and support of the likes of yourself and the kind members, welle get there slowly,

    many thanks suz,, love jimmy xxx :)

  • I'm just so pleased to see you back again. I've really missed reading your lovely posts. Just look after yourself, we all think so much of you here in our special world. Jan xx

  • hi jan, so nice to hear from you, i hope you are well, many thanks for such a lovely post, kindest thoughts jimmy xxx :)

  • Hello Jimmy, wonderful to hear you are on the mend! Hope things speed along now! You have absolutely the right attitude and I look forward to some more Jimmyisms!!!! Take care. Love and best wishes, Juney

  • hi juney,, i like the word jimmyisms :D hopefully welle get back soon to some jimmyisms :D many thanks juney, you take care now, lots of kind wishes jimmy xxx :)

  • So glad to have you back! Wishing you the speediest of recoveries possible.

  • thank you so much nanny,and thanks for your kind message,

    i am improving bit by bit love jimmy xxx :)

  • This is great news jimmy. I'm waiting and ready to go. Did hugs tell you I've got a deer stalker hat and magnifying glass for you. There are a pile of files from people waiting for us to help them out. It appears our crime fighting skills are highly respected. so jimmy when you are ready......

  • :D :D that's right m/c/o. we just cant let these files build up :D

    i can just see me in a deerstalkers hat and a magnifying glass,,,,,,,,

    especially in the doctors surgery !! ha ha :D

    yes m/c/o improving bit by bit , many thanks indeed,, jimmy :)

  • Welcome back Jimmy, Missed you. XX

  • thank you so much lloegr. very much appreciated, best regards jimmy xx :)

  • Oh Jimmy, it's great to have you back! We've all missed you and your great s.o.h. So pleased to know that you're are on the mend and feeling stronger. Keep warm and get lots of rest to get your strength back, we need you on here. Lotsa love. XX

  • lovely to here from you nik. and hope you are well ,

    at first i thought i read "missed your S.O.B." :D :D

    My eyes are as bad as my head niks :D :D [nearly lol :D ]

    yes im just taking things easy, gaining strength day by day, lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • Lots of love back to you Jimmy - hope your recovery is speedy. xx

  • many thanks Dedalus, im getting there now , slow but sure :)

    take care now, regards jimmy xx :)

  • I am so pleased it is going the right way for you. The peaks and troughs of long term illness is never an easy route to control. Get into that PMA groove and Be Well!

  • yes, things going better for me now offcut,

    your most certainly right about "the peaks and troughs " !! however were on the "up" rather than the "down" , i often find it strange when improving, it seems to wax and wane at times [if you get my meaning lol :) ] , but most definitely improving, that's the main thing :)

    i will get into the PMA groove :) and will be well :) i have ordered myself too lol :) kindest thoughts offcut,

    all the very best jimmy

  • Hello Jimmy,great to have you back in the throng.I too get all my strength from all my friends on this site,can.t praise Huggs enough.Hope you continue to get all your strength back,all the very best my friend,regards D.

  • hi farmer, yes im continuing to gain strength, a bit at a time ,

    yes your bang on about the site D, really great friends indeed, who could ask for more, although i joke with huggs, she knows from me, how much i appreciate her, and off course that goes for all the other members too, shes done us all proud.

    a big thanks for your posting D take care now, best regards jimmy

  • aww Jimmy I am so so glad you are back every day when I come in I look to see if you Are there and when you ain't I am a bit sad Aww lad Glad to have you back xxx

  • hi softwabbit, och thats really nice of you, many thanks indeed,

    it reminds me of the old joke "i look at the obituaries in the paper each morning in bed :),,,, and if my name is not in it :),,,,, i get up,, lol :D :D

    yes softwabbit, were slowly getting there now, you take care now, lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • "Awe!!.... jimmy..It is so good seeing you back with your friends again, and starting to feel a tad better too. We all miss you so much and never happier to learn that your still there fighting and you keep fighting my friend, and keep your positive mindset jimmy.. Your.... ONE!.. Big tonic to a lot of us.... ((hugs)) for you....Megan."

  • och Megan, that really is so nice of you,

    yes im fighting on, keeping positive, and trying to do things right [for a change lol :D ] thanks for a lovely boost Megs. your a tonic to me, hugs back :) lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • You can't keep a good man down Jimmy. Good to see you back in action. Miss your humour.

  • :D thanks so much warwick, yes, getting back into action, albeit slowly :)

    im looking at that fish in your avatar, its a cracker :) what kind is it warwick ? i take it you caught it, i bet that gave you a thrill catching that one :)

    im now thinking of the "fish" songs :D "there's a plaice for us " or "salmon chanted evening " :D i think there's a bit of the old hal roach in me :D ,, yes warwick :D they get worse lol :D my excuse is ,, im not quite right at the moment :D [maybe need to rephrase that :D ]

    all the very best my friend, hope you are well jimmmy :)

  • Very gracious of you jimmy. That's a carp but it's only a tiddler. I'll see if I can find any better ones.

  • if thats a tiddler warwick :D would love to see a big carp,, keep fishing my friend jimmy

  • Yipeeeee!!! Grrrrreeeeeaaaat to see you back Jim lad!!!!! You have been so missed, keep on feeling better and better, huggs is brilliant keeping us updated :) :D. Hugs huff xxx

  • hi huffer, many thanks for your cheery post :D and many thanks for the encouragement, it all goes a long way,

    yes huggs has been an absolute gem, she most certainly cheered me up when feeling low, especially when, like most of us, she has her own problems [me for one :D lol ] but everyone has been so great, lots of love and kind wishes huffer, jimmy xxx :)

  • Hi Jimmy it's great to see you back

  • thanks onamission, jimmy

  • Da dah !!!!!!! Just seen this Jimmy, glad your back, take it easy x x x x

  • thanks medow,, wee set backs along the way, but rome wasn't built in a day :),, i suppose :) jimmy xxx :)

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