Smoking in cars carrying children will be banned

Yesterday we achieved a tremendous victory for the half a million children being exposed to second-hand smoke in the family car every week in England. Parliament has spoken and given their final stamp of approval - a ban on smoking in cars with children will come into force by October 2015. A massive thank you to every single person who helped make this a reality – together we can make change happen!

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8 Replies

  • Good. Well overdue.


  • Well done and about time Parliament woke up.

  • Well done a great result, just hope they can control it better than they have the use of mobile phones whilst driving a law which is ignored by a fair number of drivers.


  • I think they should ban opening car windows because of the traffic polluton!

  • Hi cough, I agree with you, there has been rumblings cover here in Australia about banning smoking in cars with kids, but how is it going to be policed? Leelee

  • Great news but I too wonder how much it will be policed,given the number of idiots still using mobiles while driving.D.

  • ...Yes, I too am wondering how on earth are they going to police this ban ? - already , does this ban include ELECTRIC CIGGIES ? ,- can you imagine a police car chasing a suspect only to find it WAS one of the Electric variety ! , I was once stopped for "using " my " Mobile phone " whilst driving on the M25, - actually, I was scratching my ear that had been bitten by a Mosquito on returning from a holiday in Italy !!! - AND AT THIS TIME, I DID'NT EVEN OWN A MOBILE PHONE !! , so mistakes can happen ! ...... wasting Police time and a lot of their FUEL !!! .....and their RED FACES! ....

  • A wonderful out come--one problem--who will enforce this new law?

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