Feeling Smiley again

The other day my kettle broke and therefore I could not have my much needed cuppa, so I popped down to the electrical shop. I said to the sales assistance "Can someone sell me a kettle please" he replied "Kenwood" I said that's fine go and get him than please.

A bit over cast this morning but not to cold so its going to be a happy day for every one of us, whether we like it or not. xx Fred :)

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  • Lol...another morning chuckle from you Fred, thank you for that.

    It's very overcast here too...let's hope it brightens up later. :-) xxx

  • One good turn etc xxx :)

  • It is going to be a happy day - a bit happier now I saw your post! Have a good one xxx

  • All together now "If your happy and you know it clap your hands" right that's enough exercise for the day xxx :)

  • After that I can feel a snooze coming on!!! xx

  • Evening Fred, that's a good one, I don't know how you remember jokes! Cooling down a bit here in Sydney. Have a lovely day. Love LeeLee. X

  • Ad a good evening to you LeeLee, I hear that you, well maybe not you are taking part in the Euro song contest this year, should be different xxx :)

  • Hi smiley Fred, well I don't know what to think about the euro contest, em I'll get back to you I am smiling about it though. Love LeeLee. 😃

  • Dull here Fred, but you have brightened my day. :-)

    polly xx

  • Morning polly xxx :)

  • Hi Fred, can't beat a morning giggle. Dull and grey here in the Midlands too. Xx Sonia xx

  • Hi Sonia I am sure you will soon brighten up the Midlands xxx Fred :)

  • This is my first post what a cheerful bunch you all are, can't help but smile and a great way to start the day , sun is shining here in Perthshire have a good day

  • Welcome clova you got to smile its takes less muscles than frowning , lucky you having the sun, stay with us now you have started. :) Fred

  • Thanks Fred will do

  • :) x

  • So, Fred is THE MAN around here I see. Men are good!

  • Hello Mooskie nice to speak I see you are over the water there in my Granddaughters favourite country she loves skiing over there in Quebec . Hope you are staying as well as possible, we are in the same age group (The young ones) :) Fred

  • Morning Fred. Phew it's a lot easier than yesterdays. Like it. :) x

  • Go lady Go tomorrow will be even easier x :)

  • Hi Fred

    Thanks for my morning giggle. Grey clouds in the sky here in Manchester, but not too cold. Have a good day.


  • Morning Mandy and to you to , the sun just might shine for you. xx :)

  • morning Fred

    Much better today on the smile material.

    We're looking at snow here today. Have a great day and keep smiling!

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Ruby do you really want snow ? I am sure your smile will melt it away. xx :)

  • Cheers Fred. Made me smile too!

    Grim and overcast here again today though it is warmer. Would prefer it sunny even if it is cold. As mother would say, 'You'll get what you're given'. but I'm determined to be happy like you said so that's up to me. Sara xx

  • Go for it Sara you said it, it really is up to you xx :)

  • Excellent Fred. xxxx :)

  • Hi Fred,

    lol another good one from you. I have just woken up, so am a teensy bit late today! lol Glad you are feeling better today. I quite like the more challenging jokes now and again, it must be the stubborn streak in me.

    I also am missing the snow, and it doesn't look likely we will get any more,.

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Hello there huggs hope things are going alright for you, and I will rack the grey matter to see what I can come up for you. Shame you are going to be snow less but you never know you just might get another fall.

    Keep smiling my friend xxxFred :)

  • HI Fred ,

    I'm well late reading your post, Good joke,

    Not been very warm here today, about 4. 8 is promised for tomorrow, yippee!

  • As you well know better late than never, so always good to hear when ever, keep warm. xx :)

  • :P

  • Saw that one coming Fred, you have the same sense of humour as my brother and brother in law, both CPOs. Chris x

  • It must have been something they put in the rum ration Chris x :)

  • :D :D just catching up on things fred,, good one :D,, keep em coming regards jimmy :)

  • Thanks Jimmy so pleased you are on the right way, namely up nice one pal. Fred :) :)

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