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Hi I have severe empesima and my consultant put me forward for lung reduction,I have been waiting a while to see a surgeon in my area north England, I recived a letter today saying the surgeon can't perform The op but there is a procedure in the royal Brompton that only gets done there that ma help does anyone no of anything I have to wait for 6weeks to get some answers thanks Katkat

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  • Maybe it's the coils. It's only being trialed at the Brompton at the moment. Search " coils " on here and you'll find some discussions about them.

  • Hi if you go out of the site then back in you will see a search box on the top right hand side. Type in Lung Reduction Surgery and you will find lots of informtion. x

  • Sorry I cant help you KatKat - perhaps the nurses on the helpline could help? Lots of luck xxx

  • Thanks for all your help I will research these coils x

  • am under st james Leeds,my friend has had LVR and i am at st James on the 25th and am suItable LVRcan not wait to go x

  • you can get them done at the spire Leeds hospital for 30000 pounds not me I am afraid never earned enough money for private insurance Germany have been doing coils last three years.

  • Hi katkat,I am looking into an option for myself at the moment which I'm sure you will find interesting,it's

    called "PulmonX".Have a look,it's available at a few UK specialist hospitals.

  • Hi nunton I have been researching different procedures,there are so many that are in the trial stage and one caught my eye was the steam procedure that scalds the part of the lung with a vale containing steam ,it will scab the diseased part like wen u burn yourself put steam lung procedure into Google and there are some reports that u ma find of use thanks again for all the help x

  • Don't give up, katkat. Today I received my appointment letter to attend a Diagnostic Clinic at the Royal Brompton. (mid May)

    Speak to your doctor or surgeon to approach Dr Pallav Shah, Consulting Respiratory Physician at the Royal Brompton. They will need all your records. I understand that not all forms of COPD are treatable by Dr Shah's methodology and I am sure they are deluged with heavy breathing potential patients at their doors, BUT, no try, no result. I was very pleasantly surprised that everything has moved along so quickly. I still don't know whether my particular COPD lurgy is treatable, but the possibility that it might be is really uplifting. If it turns out to be a no-no, then down in the dumps for a day and back on the web, checking what's being done for COPD around the world.

    Good luck!

  • Hi DecD my regular consultant seemed to think I was good for surgery at my local hospital but the surgeon. Can't do it ,so they want to refer me to Brompton for a new procedure,so I can't get any answers until I see my own consultant I don't no why they can't operate or any details,so it's left me feeling deflated but we must brush are selves down and there is always someone worse off than me,there are some brave and kind people on this site.

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