Good morning all. However daft but has anyone got any advice on curing cramp in my legs. Back of my right calf all night long last night. Ok you can laugh but I'm sitting here with soap on my leg! As soon as I hobbled out of bed this morning I Googled

it and someone recommended rubbing soap on the affected area. Well I will wait and see if it works.

Any advice would be appreciated

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  • My husband suffers with this especially if he has taken his ventolin during the day! Sorry I have not cure though he did drink indian tonic water for a while and that really helped. Apparently if you stand up and push through into your calf that helps! Take care, hope it goes very quickly, TAD xxx

  • Hello Sokrackers, Tad is right about pushing through your calf, it's lactic acid that causes it and you just have to press/push it away. Perhaps more bannanas in your diet as potassium might

  • Morning again I suffer with bad cramps and I keep a can of ice spray by the bed (it comes under various names) also if its an on going thing you can get your doctor to prescribe Quinine tablets which I take at times just before turning in (going to bed). Never heard about the soap thing. Keep smiling x Fred :)

  • As Xris said do not use quinine if you use an inhaler without the doc's ok for information I do not need an inhaler for my lung cancer, well not at the moment so I am clear for quinine :) Fred

  • I have been getting cramp in my feet and legs for months now. I asked my GP for advice a couple of weeks ago and she told me that quinine is good and to wear warm bed socks!! As I left she printed out a leaflet wth a stretching excersise and a note "on no account take quinine" plus as Tad says "it can be an allergic reaction to some inhalers! ". I wish my GP would read the leaflets she hands out! Do hope you can find an answer for your cramp.

  • Thanks Xris looks like my gin will be neat tonight! LOL

    Very important info tho much appreciated

  • I get cramp but get tablets off my doctor and they do work see your doctor.artpats

  • Hi artpats

    Do you know what they are called - the tablets you get from the drs?

  • quinine sulphate300mg they work for me artpats.

  • Hi artpats, did you read the post from Xcris0987? Apparently it can adversely react with some inhalers. Are you on an inhaler and if so which one? I would love a good night sleep without this cramp.

  • i use 3 inhaler,s

  • Morning to you,

    I sometimes get a cramp if I over do it that day and don't drink enough

    fluids. Also known for causing cramps lack of calcium, magnesium and also potassium. Take your pick. Only you know what you did today .

    Have a great day

    Rubyxx :-)

  • Hi Ruby

    Yesterday the dog took ME for a good walk but that is not unusual? I recently bought some H & B super multiminerals containing all of your suggestions I took 2 first thing this morning. I have been delaying taking them as I have mag. cirate open bottle and cal. mag open bottle.

    Well we will see how the day goes

    Thanks Ruby

  • Hi Guys

    I think the soap worked, i used liquid soap! It was blooming cold maybe it has numbed it. I guess Fred's ice spray has a similar cooling effect.

    Socks in bed - sorry but I always wear them but last night I got itchy feet and used one foot to scratch the other. Then, in frustration I half took me socks off - you know when you take them off the heel? But in the night they came off.

    Oh yes I couldn't stop thinking of 'mitochondria' I have had to google it to see what it is but the word kept spinning around my brain all night, even songs with it in?

    Guess I just had a bad night (can't say sleep because i didn't get much). Now I am tired so cold too but I swear I will never take a nap as I won't be able to sleep tonight.

    Oh what a strange time.

    I already take pramipexole for my involuntary shakes & muscle spasms I thought these would ease any cramping.

    It is too early for a gin and tonic?

  • Hi Sokracker, I used to suffer with bad cramps in the night until I read a leaflet in the doctors surgery. It said that a low potassium level in the blood can cause cramps. I get monthly blood checks because of my medication so I asked the nurse to check my potassium levels. They were within the safe boundaries but on the low side so as the leaflet said I ate bananas and peanuts and guess what? No More Cramps :) .

    If only everything was so simple eh'.


  • Hi Tony

    As soon as I could this morning took 2 multiminerals which contain potassium. Now I have my glasses on I can see that the 2 contain only 10% of the DRA. Guess I will be buying bananas today then. I know too much potassium can cause cardiac arrest!

  • I like the idea of a gin and tonic, not the bananas though - I am allergic to them! I am fairly certain that my cramps are worse when I need to take extra Salbutamol. Xris

  • You could try eating bananas, it appears to work for me. Think it is something to do with the potassium. But obviously no expert lol. Good luck, Ruth. :) x

  • Hi guys

    I have found that sweet potatoes are a good source of potassium some site quoting up to 600mg per potato also 434% of RDA vitamin A? So Im off to Asda for some!

    Thanks everyone

  • Hi. I got horrific foot cramps last winter when I had to double my daily Seretide to 2 x 500.

    In desperation I drank diet tonic water, it contains quinine. Hey presto, it worked.

    Since dropping back to 2 x 250 Seritide I hardly ever get cramps.

  • Yup I guess thats what I will be drinking tonight - but I will put a slash of gin in. I wonder how many I will need for it to be effective???

  • I drank a lot of tonic water before I got the quinine tablets but that was without the gin Sokrackers x

  • No Frank that's just not right! You have got to have a little gin in it!

    I got a special bottle of Bombay Sapphire EAST for xmas, flavoured with lemongrass and black pepper - lush.

  • Right Sokrackers have you already started with the added gin or are you just telling me to be Frank. Mind you are very tempting with that bottle of Bombay special with that you can call me anything you want Fred or Frank xx :)

  • Understand its a lack of vitamin "C". but for temperate relief place toes down hard to the ground and lift the heel a few time or more and relief normally follows ...good luck and have a little faith

  • Last year I had cramp every night. Drank tonic and eat Bananas. but it was the change in my inhaler that cured it . No more cramps. Read the side effects on your inhaler's leaflet a few of them list cramp. It depend how bad it is (mine made me cry nightly) but if it is very bad ask your doctor if you can change. Inhalers with steroids cause it I believe.

  • Sokrackers they say quinine ( or Indian tonic water which contains some).

  • Ouch! I do so sympathise and find I get cramp if my legs/feet get cold so I try and remember to keep them covered if possible. I have no idea of any cure but wish you a pain and soap free night. xxx

  • Thanks sassy - I find it is getting worse. Oh it was excruciating last night!

    Take care

  • Hi Soc, I used to suffer badly from cramp. My doc firstly gave me Quinine tablets but I felt sick so I asked him again and he recommended I drink tonic water with quinine in it, cannot say make but it begins with an Sch since then I have found cheaper alternative that works just as well. Just make sure it has the quinine in it. Good luck and sleep well. Maximonkey

  • Thanks Maximonkey, how much will I have to drink before it helps? Not gin just the tonic?

  • His Sok, I usually drink around half a pint, however, it is gassy so if you suffer reflux as I do pour it into a glass hours before you want to drink it and it will go flat. Good luck, I hope it works for you. Maximonkey

  • Hi, I have been having cramp in my legs and feet for many years. I have seen GP's and specialists about it, but they have never been able to give me a satisfactory diagnosis. I have been on Quinine Bisulphate 300mg- one before retiring - for years and it's the only thing that works! I do still occasionally have to leap out of bed to force my heel down to the floor, but only rarely. I have never had any side effects from Quinine, so talk to your GP. Believe me, the relief is so worth it. Good luck. XX

  • Here's one that's really "off the wall" - my mother-in-law used to put a large magnet in the bed, down by her feet and she swore it worked!!!!! I have my doubts but keep an open mind.

  • Thanks

    Dragonmum, I will try anything after all I tried the soap and it seems to have helped a bit.

    Its a good job I sleep alone!

    Take care

  • You need to get this investigated. Cramp sometimes goes if you put your foot flat on the floor for a few minutes.. Alternatively lift your foot up at right angles to your ankle. I had this experience a few weeks ago and on investigation was told it was sciatica and given a good gel to rub on called FENBID.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck.

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