Time to get fit !!!

I thought it was time to get some exercise so I rang the local gym and asked the trainer if he could get me fit at my age. He said "How flexible are you sir" I said "Well I can't make Tuesdays or Thursday".

I hope you are all feeling alright this morning its rather cold down here so keep warm and don't forget to smile even if its at yourself. Fred :) xx

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Giggling again. Another funny one Fred. :-)

I've had a quick jog around the coffee table this morning and that's me done for the day....lol. xxx

Don't forget to run the other way around the table as well, that's to make sure you unwind xx :)

Lol...ooh I didn't think of that Fred lol x

You are quick off the mark today Fred! Bet you had lots of practice on your girls when they were younger.

Cold and overcast here so won't go out. But might walk around the coffee table though but will give it more thought after my nap.

Have a good day Fred.

Sara xx

Hi Sara sorry late in replying you are right I used to tease my girls something rotten, when ever I told them a story they would say is that true mum, even know when they are 50 and 53 they still ask is that really true dad. Not to many times round the table now. Stay warm xxxFred

Hi Fred. You've put another smile on my face and hubby's as well 😄. Spring wont be long coming to you, autumn is around the corner here thank goodness. Stay warm and cosy. Love LeeLee.

Good to hear LeeLee that means mission accomplished xxx Fred :)

Ha Ha good one Fred. I'm off to Rehab for exercises this PM. Not the Health Lectures as I only finished my Rehab in September. I'm one lucky lady, had a COPD Clinic assessment last Friday and I mention I would like to go on waiting list again as I'm very lacking in stamina due to infection over Christmas and was told I can join this session 4 weeks to run. Lucky lucky me. Take care xxx

Good news Suzy as we said in the navy "Steady as she goes" little and often. Fred xxx :)

Good morning Fred. You're looking good this morning!

What's are you up to today?

Morning So kracker s Not sure really but I expect I will pop down to my eldest girls house who lives just down the road and do some bits for her as she is a young widow, but a lot will depend on whether this mist/fog lifts as it rather cold at the moment love. As for me looking good are you looking through the right window lol. xx :) Fred

Hahaha!!! :D Good Morning Fred, lovely to see your smiling face, I'm just off for a six mile jog up the mountain then I'll be sawing up some wood to stay warm! Haha just kidding about jogging six miles, but I will have to break some sticks to light my fire! Keep smiling and nice and warm! Huff xxxxxx. :)

Nice one Huff I was almost on my way to join you up the mountain, but my private jet is grounded at the moment. Well you started being silly. Stay warm by your nice warm fire, do you lite it by rubbing two boy scouts together. xxx Fred :)

Good morning Fred

How are you?

That was a cute one. Where do you come up with these naughty but nice jokes? Just kidding no naughty in them just cute Fred style Make you smile jokes.


Rubyxx :-)

Ruby cute maybe, but I am a ex Royal Navy submariner so would not know any naughty ones lol.

Fred XXX :)

I'm giggling with Lyn on that Fred!

Good Morning Fred, I think your never to old to get fit and it certainly helps if you smile along the way. :)

Its a grey one out the window today in Malvern unlike yesterday but we'll smile our way through it eh'


Morning Tony I am hoping once the mist/fog lifts we might have some sun again, cheers pal Fred.

Morning Fred, made me smile again, very dull here today but no mist and fog, hope yours clears up very soon.

polly xx

Cheers polly you smiling helps lift the mist and the fog so keep it up, I know I talk a load of flannel but I like to flatter xxxFred :)

I swear he makes them up!

Sunny here, windows open, sea lapping under the window. Lovely, I'm enjoying it while it lasts. P

peege fancy saying I make them up, they are all true, or did I just make that up. Its cold infact very cold no sun in sight so you go ahead and enjoy it, always good to hear from you. Stay safe Fred :)

:) :) :) :) Take care Fred. Lots of love xxxxxxxxx

Thanks for all the smiles and I always take care, returning some love back to you, but not the ones you sent me,as mine are bigger lol XXXXX Fred :)

Very witty Fred! Lol That's about my limit too when it comes to exercising. XX

Take it steady as it was said earlier once around the table and rest xx:)

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