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Having A Bit Of A Dither

Was dithering this morning...couldn't decide what to do or when to do it and I've mislaid my scalpel thingy which I needed for something...not that I can remember what it was now...didn't know whether I could face tackling a shower which tends to veer towards a major undertaking, what with putting the heater on well in advance so as not to freeze and finding both the big towelling bath sheets are still in the laundry basket, which means the clean dry towels are those ratty ones...all threadbare and scratchy.

And Himself fiddles with the shower-head so the water comes out in a gushing torrent instead of a gentle sort of drizzle...I put the shampoo just there and the shower gel a bit lower down so I know where they are when there's water in my eyes but usually manage to fumble about and pick up something horribly stinky that was a gift at Christmas five years ago...

By the time I'd decided I didn't smell too awful and a shower could wait until tomorrow, it was lunch-time and that means sitting down nice and quietly while the nebuliser sprays bromide up my nose...always thought that was put into soldiers tea actually, to quieten their libido down...might be wrong, but I'm sure I've read that somewhere...

Had a look on Ancestry...and found two records for burials of babies which announced they were 'basegotten' other words they were illegitimate...that was in 1699...Manchester Cathedral records...I'd been looking for a distant cousin when I saw those for the babies. Then that led me to another distant cousin who apparently sailed on the he did no such thing 'cos he was a Quaker who was buried in Suffolk.

There is huge kudos in being able to say your people came over in the Mayflower relatives went over in the Second Fleet so I can't lay claim to having an original settler...

Now it's almost supper time and I've not done much at all...

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Sounds like a good day Vashti....the shower will be enjoyed tomorrow and I hope you enjoyed your supper! Funny how time gets away some days more than others. As for 'basegotton' what an awful term. Learnt something new for the day I did. Suz x

I bet a man made that name up! Always ready to scorn woman for getting into trouble, you would think that men play no part in creating babies at all !

That's what they thought in those days. The wonder of it is men also managed to get 'decent' women to look down on other less fortunate women! Such hyprocracy. x

Ha ha vashti lovely. I know why you wanted the scalpel - to scalp Himself! :d x

just love your tales from the homeland vashti

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