Well this is a very pleasantly populated little forum. All credit to you people for giving this space great community spirit and loving- kindness.

I had a bout of pleurisy 15 months ago on top of chronic bronchitis. Then I got the CB again 6 months ago, and it lasted on and off for 3/4 months. Went to Doc. Xrayed. Saw some hyperinflation and scarring. Fev1 was about 80-83 ... oh, and basically stopped smoking by then, (still hard to knock one back socially sometimes. Never a heavy smoker, but long term on rollies).

I feel the scarring 24/7 almost. Get sleep apnea, fatigue and lightheadedness. I am 51 with 4 kids between 3 and 15 years old. I dont feel great about going on meds. At my stage is that an error?

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  • I feel perplexed at how things have come to this. Great fear arises but that is to be expected, and I believe in life and that it has more positivity than negativity to draw from it no matter what the situation.

    Pic is from my place (Australia) last week.

  • Hi Bernard and welcome to the site, I'm sorry you've been feeling so poorly and I do hope you're feeling a little better now. I don't think anyone likes to take the meds but if they're going to help you then maybe you should. You'll get lots of advise from some lovely people on this forum or you could always phone the British lung helpline, they will give you some good advice.

    Gorgeous rainbow pic, so pretty. :-)

  • Thanks kindly Jolyn. I'm sure meds would help in the short term, but a school of thought in me suggests that what I can sought out for myself in these early stages will help bring better longer term results then medical intervention from the start would. I have hardly ever had meds in my life, but People seem to suggest they are mandatory with COPD. I guess I need to talk to more proffessionals as you seem to suggest.

  • Morning Bernardbreather, My husband was diagnosed about the same time as you with COPD and 13 years later he is still here !! He needed to be put on inhalers because he was very out of breath and the inhalers definitely helped him. He was becoming very scared and worried in the early days. For me I was glad he was put on medication because I knew he was being monitored and I could see that they helped his every day function. He was very well for years until about five years ago and a combination of a house problems and chest infections did set him back. Again the meds have helped to retain a good quality of life.

    He was very much like you and hated the fact that he needed medical help - he too had never needed meds so why should he now! Having said all that I also feel that had he looked after himself ie put himself first on his list of priorities - staying fit being the most important part, that perhaps he would not have become severe. Even as I write that I wonder if I am being too harsh, he tries very hard and is still working full time. The cold weather flaws him but as soon as Spring arrives he will be much better.

    I think you need to talk to as many people as possible and assess yourself. With four children you need to keep fit and well! My youngest was just a little tot when he was diagnosed. COPD affects every person differently and you have to find your own way. Take good care, look after yourself and always go to the doctor if in doubt. Lots of love TAD xxx

  • That is inspiring. Thanks.

    BTW, Its evening here TAD :)

  • Well it is always useful to hear how other people cope! Well you maybe asleep by now - have a good nights sleep. xx

  • love reading your posts tadaw xx

  • Thats very sweet! Thank you xx

  • Hi Bernard,

    I'm also Australian and probably have the same mindset as you. I've had a GP class me as "mild"and a lung specialist tell me I'm moderate. Depending on what mood I'm in as to which opinion matters. I've been lucky enough to never need meds for any issue and don't take any yet for copd. The specialist that I went to was of the opinion that will change in 5 / 10 years! I have noticed lately that I do it "tougher" doing exercise and physical chores that require effort. I religiously exercise every day, pushing myself as far as I can. I bought an oximeter a few days ago and used it for the first time today. When walking (fast) my oxygen drops between 87 / 90 but I recover quickly and that included inclines which I really struggle with. I'm considering getting a referral to another specialist as I didn't have much of a rapport with the one I saw and from articles I've read perhaps by not using any inhalers we are not making the best effort of trying to preserve the lung function we currently have and the tissue not yet affected by this usually progressive problem. You have done yourself the biggest favour by not smoking. Quitting, exercise, good nutrition and a positive attitude are what we all need. Just touching again on meds. Its fine to say we don't like taking any but if we ever had an exacerbation following a bad infection etc I'm sure we would be only too happy to take steroids or whatever was prescribed to aid breathlessness etc. Many brave wonderful souls on here know all about the need for meds at times. hugs Suz x

  • That all resonates with me Suz. Thanks.

  • Hello Bernard,exercise hard and eat well and you may stave off the need for medication.Oh and sit downwind of the barbie lol.D. :D

  • Hi Bernard. Maybe you should have a chat with your doctor about the risk of not taking the meds. Many years ago my father died from a heart attack after years of lung problems. The thought at the time was that his heart was under extra strain. Until recently I took every inhaler or tablet I was offered, but when it got up to eight different items daily I had a rethink. Just one tablet and my inhaler now. But I wouldn't be without these two. They have really improved the quality of my life, particularly enabling me to exercise. Best regards.

  • Will do. I work on a coffee plantation, at the factory end of it. Excaberation potential is quite rife. I do get plenty of exercise with the job though.

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