Where's Doctors hypocritical oath gone

Where's Doctors hypocritical oath gone

Where's Doctors Medical Professions standards morals after all did they not take the hypocritical oath upon being qualified leaving medical school

Or is Hypocritical Oath like other acronyms names doctors have for patient's.


Seem's that way from storys we read about.

Doctors are not bound by Hypocritical Oath but here are some links on just what BMA GMC Doctors think about




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  • I think you perhaps mean the Hippocratic oath ?

  • And that is about patient confidentiality, not having a laugh.

  • Hippocrates was the physician

  • Someone seems to be blissfully unaware of the meaning of "Hypocritical".

    Send three and fourpence, we are going to advance.

  • I'm sure Daz knows the difference. He's had many dealings with hypocritical doctors, consultants and professors who've taken the Hippocratic oath

  • pbs.org/wgbh/nova/body/hipp... . interesting reading ,

  • Perfect itsBAme , showing both the classic oath and the modern oath. P x

  • ...Yes, the first line of which is = "FIRST DO NO HARM " ...... SOME STATEMENT !! ...

  • While yes that article is appalling with its many derogatory acronyms it falls on the doctors, nurse's, and other staff to hold themselves professionally responsible. They too will be at some point a patient. The problem doesn't lie within the oath it lies within the person taking the oath. We choose our smartest and brightest when it comes to medicine often times they lack the true abilities to understand and show empathy, sympathy, and compassion. The core of training is physiology, pharmacology, anatomy, and psychology. Yes it is in depth, but the things that are lacking are taught to us as children. Sadly due to competitive ways schools are designed they are getting what they ask for the smartest and brightest book wise, human side being able to relate to the patient and their true needs they and we as patients are losing out.

  • Your post nailed it docmel.

  • I worked for a paediatrician for over 10 years and when typing his letters to GP's to thank them for their referral there were many FLK's GLM's and OAP's in those letters. He did tell me early on what they meant.

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