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Best buy on resveratrol

Hi guys

There has recently been some conversation on the above product resveratrol. I just wondered what the best buy was in the uk - I found this can anyone beat this deal?

Also what did people find as the best deal for Q10?

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"Hello Socrakers..These are the C O-Q10....That i take..

As yet i have not try'd the resveratrol...Megan."


Hi meg are these ubiquinol? I know H & B brand are not so good as they are uniquitone

Gosh this whole thing is so mind draining or maybe I have little left to drain?

I wholly agree with supplements but it'd geťing expensive


Sokrackers Here's a comparison between your chop and Chemist direct for cod liver oil ( same ammount, same presentation of soft gel.

£5.83 chemist direct -

Cod Liver Oil 1000mg Softgel maintain healthy bones and joints


Hope you find this a good comparison, being only on one product!

Cheers, Mic


These sound good how many do you take a day and do they work


I have been following still trucking replies to FYI. So I am not the expert on these although I am interested in trying them.

Check out the FYI posts if you can't find them let me know and I will dig them out

Take care


Thank you I'm willing to try anything once if it improves my health then all the better


My CoQ comes from Healthspan. Order online or phone, free postage through the letter box. Best quality I find. I get everything from them, usually much less costly than H&B.



Hi peeg

I was just on the internet working out my next order thank you for your recommendation.

Unfortunately this q10 is ubiquitone and not the ubiquinol version. I understand that the latter is 9 times more absorbable and so worth the extra £10 or so that I have to pay!

This supplement stuff is getting expensive but I think this q10 is working for me!

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Ah, I didn't know that so thanks. Q10 are one of the most expensive annoyingly. I take them to counteract the effects of statins.

I get all my supplement from them as I trust the quality (my body is a temple)!

The only thing I get from elsewhere is acidophillus capsules, effervesant Vit c & Zinc, echinacea & Boots Cold & Flu Defence.

As O2trees says, it's hard to tell which things are helping on whichever regime we're on.

I don't know what Resevatrol is.

All the best! P


Hi Peeg just got a link you may be interested in Q10 £1.99 for 100mg x 30, suppose P&P must be added.

These are not ubiqutol but hydro.... meaning they absorb 3 times better than ubiqutone ones - I think!

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Interesting, they're based in Jersey where Healthspan are too.

I'll keep that link, thank you. P x


Total today on supplements £42 again this is expensive but if they work and improve our wellbeing should we complain? Probably! LOL


I add up my expenditure and work out how much it costs per week, it always looks better that way. About £6 a week last time I checked - less than a bottle of wine! Two coffees out somewhere nice?

I have few treats, hardly ever drink, no sugar/fruit so reckon "we're worth it"!



A lot of the debate about the bioavailability of ubiquinol versus ubiquinone is conducted by people involved in selling the product.

I found this objective clinical study which indicates that plasma levels were 72% higher with ubiquinol than with the same amount of ubiquinone (200mg/day - 4.3 vs 2.5 µg/mL):

So if the price of ubiquinol is less than 72% higher than for the same quantity of ubiquinone it's a better buy . . .


Hi stilltrucking,

Last week I bought the ubiquinol (think you mentioned the difference in your post), I understand that these are ubiquinone but hydrosoluble which makes them 3 times more absorbable than the stand alone ubiqutone??? Is that right?



'The bioavailability of a novel water-soluble inclusion complex of CoQ10, prepared in our laboratory was determined and compared with the bioavailability of commercially available oil-based form of CoQ10. Experimental work consisted of single dose comparative bioavailability study on seven beagle dogs, with a 14-day washout period between treatments. Identification and quantification of CoQ10 was done with HPLC–MS method using positive APCI ionization and SIM mode, M+m/z 863.4. The bioavailability results confirm that the water-soluble formulation has nearly three times higher'


Hi stilltrucking, this is getting a bit complicated. I read through both articles but am not sure of the conclusion. Which one is the most easily absorbable?

You are the signpost to knowledge as well as a sage!

Always love your posts & many thanks for helping through this minefield



'. . . Among non-solubilized formulations of CoQ10, ubiquinol has been found to be superior to ubiquinone in its plasma CoQ10 response. The response following ingestion of solubilized formulations of CoQ10 is much greater indicating their superior bioavailability as compared with non-solubilized powder-based CoQ10 products . . . Solubilized formulations of ubiquinol appear to be even better than solubilized ubiquinone. Thus, comparably high or even higher plasma CoQ10 concentrations may be achieved using much lower doses of the solubilized CoQ10 formulations . . .'


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