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Exercise Bikes

I have severe copd and would like to know any ones views about exercise bikes as I'm thinking of buying one, so I can exercise in my own home. When its really cold or wet its difficult to go out and do any walking, so I have decided to exercise in doors and I do but feel I need something more.

Please tell anything or if anyone has one and the make if they have. Thanks Patj

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I use a ultrasport f- bike £84.99 from Amazon. I also use a side-stepper plus dumbells also from Amazon.

Along with a exercise routine from my time at pulmonary rehabilitation.

If you go to pinned post, " abbreviations and links" scroll to bottom you will find information on exercise.

Including the newly added video section.

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Thanks very much.


Have you looked at the BLF exercise programme, available in a booklet?


Thanks that will be interesting to watch I will have a look later. Patj


I Believe pulmonary rehabilitation is the best, it exercises all the limbs. Find the bikes boring and don.t have enough determination to do it alone. I Was fortunate I had a double lung transplant last year but still need the exercise to build up my strength. Don.t waste your money on the bike go to classes where you meet others In the same situation. Good luck.


Thank you.


I don't think it is a waste. bought a recumbant exercise bike and some weights a couple years ago. I use it daily have lost 45 pounds and have improved my muscle tone and strength greatly. no longer use any

medications and can do things I gave up long ago. So I guessed it worked for me , your right does get boring, so I use my tablet and watch the tv to occupy my mind. do one hour a day about 10 miles or so and I am 68 years old with moderate(now) copd


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