I read a post about the benefits of Turmeric which may be helpful as a supplement for our condition, I would urge caution and some study before adding some supplements to your daily diet.

For example if you are in stage 3 or 4 Very Severe as I am, you may have associated heart or other Organ conditions such as Heart Arythmmia I discovered after taking Turmeric for some time that along with other factors it was pushing up my heart rate to high 150's also it is a total no if you are taking blood thinning medications such as warfarin and even perhaps aspirin. 500 mg of Turmeric can be considered a high dose.

I would suggest that before adding any high dose supplements which may be suggested to your regime that you google that supplement for side effects and interactions with your condition or check with your GP if it will be safe for you.

I have discovered after living for several decades with very severe COPD/Emphysema that the best supplement for this condition is a sunny outlook and a very positive attitude to living your life as much as you can, and adopting a can do attitude to getting the most out of every day. My COPD penpal over many many years taught me this and she lived until 94 whilst also being on Oxygen for 22 years.

For those who wonder I am on Oxygen 24/7 but I do not allow it to limit me nor shall I ever let this horrible disease rule my life. I have been a member of this site since its original start as the BLF site but do not post too often but read your posts each day.

Best regards to all.


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Robert, well done on your positive attitude, i am trying to do everything I can to keep this dreaded disease at bay.

If we could pop a pill containing a high dose of positivity that would be great. Its a lovely sunny day today so Im going outside to enjoy it - a simple thing but I makes me happy and will help top up my vit D!

I went to my gym class this morning but no-one told me it was cancelled so I will take my exercise today outdoors and appreciate the moors, cliffs and seaside where I live. At times like this I wish I had a four legged companion but hey ho life isn't perfect.

Take care Robert

Hello Robert, thank you so much for posting such a positive post, you've just answered a question I have been thinking about for some time! Your friend has given me hope and put a smile on my face, I am so pleased to know that oxygen is a long term medicine, 22 years is joy to my ears! ... :) I've been on oxygen for two years and would love to make it to 80, that would be so good! :D .

Robert, I am so in agreement with you on your wise advise, that a sunny disposition and a very positive attitude and outlook is the best way of moving forwards with cruel dis-ease!! Stay as well as can be ,hugs

huff xxx

You have the same attitude as me Robert. I have very severe emphysema Stage 4 and I am, at the moment, starting a 7 hour shift at work. Outside in the the open air, which is good. On oxygen 15hours at only half a litre so I don't really need it out here as the air is good.

Whereabouts are you? Hope you don't mind my asking but I'm trying to work out where would be a good place to live as decided 2015 is the year to downsize. Big move so want to make sure we get it right and don't move somewhere that exacerbates my breathing difficulties.

Dear Nanny 49,

I live in East Sussex a few miles from the sunshine coast, I moved here for the shorter winters ie. late autumns and early springs, in this area you need to avoid the south downs which tend to be hilly and sometimes have low cloud and winds, it is quite good to choose a flat area. Previously I lived in the North West but have lived in the south now quite a while.

Best Regards,


Thanks for that, Robert. Going to see some places on Monday in East Sussex so will keep your advice in mind.

I live in the Norfolk Broads area. Very flat round here with a few small hills. I used to live on the south coast and still visit there every few months.

Isn't Norfolk prone to mists/fog? Or am I confusing it with Lincolnshire? Which do you prefer - Norfolk or South Coast?

Both have their good and bad points. The south coast I find easier to breathe and get less breathless but inland a bit is not as good. The Norfolk coast is off the North Sea so is a bit colder but inland the air seems very clean and so I find breathing a bit easier.

Hi Robert,

What an inspirational post. I totally agree with you. Supplements must be checked out for your own individual case.Turmeric should never be taken with blood thinners.Anyone that googles it will see this. I'm also pretty sure fish oil is another one thats not good.. Thank you for your post. Why not join us more often? We would enjoy your company.

Rubyxx :-) :-)

thank you for giving me hope - I have gone from severe stage 3 to very severe stage 4 recently and needed a boost thank you xx

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