Mullien tea

Hi all

Remember I started a post on Mullien tea here's the promised update . Have been drinking three cups a day two heaped teaspoons of Mullien to three quarters of a cup of Boiling water leave to steep for twenty minutes then strain off , I use a fine sieve with a piece of kitchen roll in the bottom to make sure there is no sediment to get in to my clean cup, the results so far have been very promising, peak flow defiantly on the way up , now they do say it takes up to six weeks to get the full benefits, so I will keep a chart of peak flow and see if it keeps the upward trend. Will report back on a regular basis,

So far impressed.

Peter x

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  • Please note the Mullien tea update is based on one week so far

    Peter x

  • Hello Peter, I must have missed your other post, I haven't heard of Mullien tea before so I'm looking forward to hearing how you are getting on with it and how you are, what does it taste like?....I am an Earl Grey tea drinker! Hugs huff xxx

  • Has a musky taste not that bad, but you could add honey or lemon, but I am great believer in when trying something for the first time, and reporting back for the benefit of other sufferers that I should do exactly what it says on the tin metorphorically speaking, so I know no additives are affecting the product,

    My wife describes it as more like camomile tea hope this is helpfull

    Peter xx

  • i used to drink mullein for asthma Peter years before copd dx. Is it the one with kind of fluffy, slightly silvery leaves? I'd like to try it again. You always need around 6 weeks for food based "treatments" to work fully.

    Think i remember its taste - not very nice. Do you take it with honey or anything else which would improve this?

  • Yes it is, no I don't put anything in it, I bought a kilo bag off amazon, I belive you can get it in tea bags, but a much dearer way of doing it and by straining through kitchen roll, just squeezing out and throw away or use as a poultice on any stings bites sore or minor cuts works because of its antibacterial properties, I really don't mind the taste. Hope you find this helpful


  • Yes, very. Thanks Peter. I get my herbs and spices, all organic, from a shop in N16 london - Food For All. They have a website and great range of stuff.

  • Must have missed your original post, Peter. Will follow your progress with interest. Off to Amazon now to see if they ship it.

  • I drink Mullein tea as well . I have it mixed with Lungwort and Yarrow equal parts, thrice daily as advised in my Bartrams Herbal book ( under Bronchiectasis ), it tastes fine with Manuka honey in it, and it is helping me.

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