Man flu?

Well day 6 of a very heavy cold, ears nose and throat feels like they are on fire, neck is killing me, eyes and nose wont stop running, head is also killing me. I can still breath ok though. I did buy menthol and eucalyptus inhalation, 5ml in a hot pan of water then inhale. When do you go to doctors with this, i have been taking paracetamol and hot drinks but nothing is working.

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Hi you have my sympathy it's awful isn't it? As you know doctors can't do anything about a cold and the time to go is when and if it goes on your chest or you have an exacerbation ie worsening of your general symptoms. Meanwhile carry on taking over the counter meds and keep warm. I hope you are feeling better very soon. x

My husband and I got it in the new year. I did call the doctor out after 8 days because my husband didn't seem to be improving but the doc told us his chest didn't seem any worse than usual! Though he was very breathless. I think if your breathing becomes worse and or your chest don't heaitate to call the doc. Better to be safe! Take care wishing you a speedy recovery xxxx

Sorry you are feeling terrible, if you don't improve by Monday try to see a doctor, my son had similar symptoms and ended up in hospital with meningitis, not meaning to worry you, just best to get it checked out if your worried, hugs better huff xxx

How miserable. Can you tolerate anything stronger than paracetamol, ibuprofen or paracetamol and codeine? Hope you find something that helps. Iris x

Plenty of fluids. Honey and lemon in a hot toddy help me and you can drop a tot of whiskey in if you so wish ;)

Thanks for all the advice, just worried about it going into chest, but will take your advice and keep up the good fight.

Just read this one matey, man flu is indeed one of the harshest problem to deal with. For my penniesworth, I would get a bottle of whiskey or brandy as either is just as good. Pour a decent measure into a glass and slowly pour hot water into it. Stir gently to the left until the glass is three quarters full. Take gentle sips from the glass. After three of four glasses of this mixture your cold will not be gone but you won't give a damn lol. Good luck matey.

Hi me to but with what feels like I have broken all my ribs when I cough hope you don't get this to good luck

I think this is what Pete and I have now but he is much worse because of his health issues. I am keeping a close eye on him and he is doing all his nebulised drugs etc. as usual as well as his ab's at the moment. Anyone who has this has my sympathy. Get well all. xxx

We have this viral infection going around my old man had it gave it me it went straight to my chest be carful

Had very similar just after Christmas. Daughter gave me Neurofen cold and flu tablets and Tyrozets for the throat. Must say they definitely eased the pains and soreness that paracetomol and ibuprofen hadn't touched. Might be worth trying. Hope you're well again soon.

Been to chemist, she would give me anything apart from Paracetamol, she said because I have had it for about 7 days it should b passing. No point in going to doctors as I don't think its in my chest, just ned to grin and bear it ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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