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I was reading some older posts and came across tumeric. It wasn't done justice. This is definitely one you need to ck out. I had carpal tunnel of my wrist. It stopped that. Its pretty amazing stuff. I slacked up on supplements but this is one I'm restarting. Its best with black pepper.They are studying it for cancer. It helps with pain alot. Helps with brain plaque. Guess what? You have it right in your mustard. Thats what makes it yellow. Maybe we can get O2 trees on here as she can tell you some pointers about it. Have to go to work.


Rubyxx :-)

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  • Hi guys, can I play devils advocate here - I do like an intelligent discussion and can take a healthy debate.

    I, too, have carpal tunnel & RSI 30+ years of keyboards, I take naproxen for it and have done for many years and at the moment it is flaring up.

    So how will a 'minor' supplement help where an established anti inflammatory isn't doing the job at the moment?

    Hey I will try it but I would like to hear your views

    Kindness always

  • Another thing I found eases my swollen joints...strawberry now if it's psychosomatic I do not care! Audrey Jersey....x

  • I take 900 mg/day: turmeric root extract (95% curcuminoids) + Bioperine 10 mg.


  • I take it for my COPD, of course, but also for it's general health/anti-aging properties.

    And I take resveratrol (250 mg/day) for the same purposes - check this out: healthcentral.com/rheumatoi...

  • Hey stilltruckin, could you give us a list of your supplements? I think it would be a good base for many of us to build our own routine from.

    Thanks so much

    Rubyxx :-)

  • I doubt if many people would be interested in taking anything like the number of supplements that I do, but I'll compile a list and PM it to you and anyone else who requests it.

  • I think many would be interested. Certainly me, id be very grateful to know what you take stilltruckin, there are many I've read about that i don't get round to exploring sufficiently e.g resveratrol. Im also interested in which suppliers you find best. Holland & Barrett don't have a great reputation.

  • H&B's products are good quality but they do have a reputation for being rather expensive - which is not true of all their products.

    In fact I use them quite a lot. For one thing I've been patronising my local shop since before the internet opened other outlets to me, and I enjoy getting out once a week and doing some physical shopping.

    Also, apart from the fact that I'm fortunate enough not to have to count the pennies, they ALWAYS have some kind of sale going on. With careful planning I typically reduce the total cost by 1/4 to 1/3 of the marked prices, and their loyalty card earns points equivalent to 4p in the pound.

    My other main source is the internet firm Biovea: biovea.com/uk/category_disp...

  • Thanks stilltruckin. You would be surprised. My husband takes 20 pills all at once with a little sip of water! Thanks.

    :-) :-)

  • My partner can do that too, I find it astonishing. One at a time for me unless they're tiny.

  • PleAse send me email Stilltruckin. I have found your previous posts on here so helpful and am sure your list will be more than useful.

  • I'd like a list please, I take Vit D3, Red Krill Oil, and Ginseng at the moment, but would like to know more. Had Bronciectasis since 3 years old, Had lobectomy at five now 69 and still rolling on. Every little helps.x

  • I would be interested too - thanks x

  • I would love o receive your list of supplements and what each is used for. Please could you say where you purchase them. I use Nutriplus but I note someone says they are not good. Many thanks bar owl

    P.S. Not sure how to private message so do you need more info.

  • I mostly use Holland & Barrett and Biovea.

    I can't comment on Nutriplus except to say they seem to specialise in a very small selection of pre-mixed formulas for different health concerns. I prefer to have greater choice, and to mix & match myself.

    The list of supplements will be quite long enough without adding an explanation of the benefits of each one. I might add a link to the lesser known ones, but you'll have to google the rest

  • Yes, please to your list. Take a few supplements at the moment, but keep adding and think I've got myself to the stage where I don't know what/why I'm taking them!! So it'd be good to get googling and remind myself plus drop or add in others.

  • hi there stilltrucking sounds good the list I mean , you are a wealth of information thank you

  • Great link stilltruckin. I had forgotten that black pepper helps cur cumin absorption, so will add that it my regime :)

  • It was very interesting reading your link about Turmeric Stilltruckin. I see for it to be effective it has to be combined with Bioperine. I had a look at the ingredients of the one I have been taking for about 4 months and it does not contain Bioperine so it is not effective. I see that you are taking the correct one.

    Which brand do you take?

    In fact you seem to be taking all the correct supplements. Any chance you could list them in a post with the brand names ? I am sure everyone on this site would be interested.

    Stay well, Tamara

  • The list I'm sending out on request doesn't say what brand each supplement is, however they're nearly all either Holland & Barrett or Biovea.

    As for everyone one the site being interested, Many believe that a good varied diet provides all the nutrients we can use, and that most supplements are a waste of money at best . . .

  • Many thanks Stilltruckin. I look forward to receiving the list. Every little helps!


  • Adding piperine isn't the only method of increasing curcumin's bioavailability btw. Does the ingredients in yours mention phytosomes, Liposomes, phospholipids . . .?

  • No, it only mentions Cellulose, magnesium stearate, silica and 95% curcumin . Guess it is not terrific.


  • His still trucking

    Please can I Join your fan base?

    I would love to know your list. In order to get all the specific supplements you only use 2 suppliers. I am finding one here and one there it would me nice just to bring it down to 2.

    kindest regards

  • Yes, I know I could probably save a lot of money by shopping around for each and every supplement, but I can afford to spare myself the trouble.

    I use either Holland & Barret or Biovea for all of them except metformin, which I get from unitedpharmacies-uk.md/

    ( I also get roflumilast from them, but that's a pharmaceutical so not included in the list - metformin is more 'organic', like aspirin is birch bark extract. See news-medical.net/health/Met... )

  • Turmeric is an all-round anti-inflammatory, not just for the lungs. Good link from stilltruckin.

    I take about a teaspoon of organic turmeric spice (i.e. not capsules) which i get from a shop called Food for All in Casenove Road, London N16 near where we used to live. They don't officially do mail order but will parcel up an order and trot off to the post office, very old fashioned but sweet. They have a huge organic herb and spice shelf, pretty anything much you can think of. I also take cinnamon, cardamon seeds, and also fennel seeds for indigestion (made into a tea).

    Ive been thinking about taking resveratrol, so very interested in stilltruckin's link and the dose she takes. I read about it from a U.S. doctor/healer called Dr. Sears, too tired to find link but if you google him you'll get his site, (plus many detractors who think he's an expensive quack). He does sell expensive compound pills for e.g. anti-aging, but he is very good for information, and very keen on resveratrol. And very hot on telomeres.

  • I agree saw on FaceBook about 'golden milk' where tumeric is mixed with milk to drink helps swollen joints...I believe it does! Audrey

  • What a mine of information this site is, i am going to look into tumeric too and hope it works x

  • A friend of mine, who's a GP always puts a half a teaspoon in with scrambled eggs. :-)

  • Tumeric has been proven to help in many ways the US tried to patten it!

  • Yes they are studying it for a cancer cure. You dont see indians getting alzheimers. :-) :-)

  • My son-in law is Mediterranean and he cooks with this all the while he is a chef

  • Hi stilltrucking, would love your list, I take Holland and Barrett Nature's Garden Tumeric but can't see any other ingredients in it just the Tumeric and the capsule shell.

  • Yes, that product is plain tumeric powder. Take it with a fatty meal to get the most out of it.

    I use biovea.net/uk/product_detai...

    Costs significantly more - until you factor in the fact that plain tumeric powder is only about 3% curcuminoids, and has poor bioavailability without piperine or some other enhancer . . .

  • Thanks for that will order some turmeric from biovea. That is really helpful


  • Note that orders of £39 or more get free delivery, otherwise P&P is £2.95.

  • Note to those I sent the list to yesterday. while assembling the supplements to go with breakfast this morning I realised I'd left one off the list: Zinc 15mg + copper 2mg.

  • Hi Stilltruckin,

    A good portion of the people on this site get chest infections one after another. I belive I remember you saying you never had to take steroids yet. Also if I remember right your fev 1 is 30 0r lower. Quick question for you .How often do you get chest infections and what do you do when you get one?

    Maybe we can get you to write a book!

    Rubyxx :-)

  • FEV1 is 25%.

    Occasionally I find myself coughing up a bit more mucus a bit more often - and of a pale green hue - but nothing particularly bothersome for longer than I can remember. I just take extra vit C and some Manuka honey . . .

  • Your doing something right. I watch all these people destroying their bodys with steroids. Its ashamed. At this point I usually get chest cold once a yr. I just use nebulizer and inhaler and I'm ok. Right now think I have flu . Hope it don't go in my chest!

    Thanks stilltruckin everyone can learn so much from you. Like I said, you should write a book!


  • Maybe it's the resveratrol I'm taking: jpet.aspetjournals.org/cont...

  • Thats some heavy duty reading but I got it.sounds like your probably right. Your just so smart lady.

    thanks :-)

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