Why Is This So?

I was reading about a woman who managed to escape from North Korea into China...she was arrested, sent back across the border, and was punished by being sent to a labour camp...but she managed to escape once more into Mongolia and from there she made her way to the West. It all sounds relatively straight-forward and simple written like that, but it was in fact horrendous.

Doesn't the way some human beings have to live out their lives appear totally lop-sided...not through any fault of theirs...not because they've behaved in an anti-social way and are suffering the punishment of doing so...certainly not through a life-style choice which has been freely made, but solely by virtue of where in the world they were born.

With a country like North Korea, the people there are not living their lives as laid down hundreds of years ago by custom or convention...mostly definitely not because their religion requires them to do so...but because they are ruled by a despot. And once he's gone, another just like him will take his place.

We take the medication prescribed to us and spend time in clean hospital beds attended by trained staff who have any number of pieces of expensive equipment at hand... we earned our living and have warmth and light in our homes...go on holidays perhaps and keep companion pets...we can travel freely within the constraints of our bank balance and worship which- ever deity we chose without fear of being put to death for doing so...

I very much doubt I am a 'better' person than the North Korean woman, anymore than you are...no-one singled me out as being worthy to live in countries where freedom of speech and thought are not subject to punishment...so why was she subject to a life of fear and near starvation while thee and me had an education and food on the table...

It isn't simply North Korea of course...there are too many countries where the people are persecuted for their race or tribal belongings...their religion or their sex. I've quoted North Korea because it seems as though it has taken any common human decency away from all of it's people...

Why is there such an imbalance?

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  • I have often wondered why this is allowed,it's like an uncivilised way of life,surely things can be done so that people don't have to suffer this way,those at the top of the tree seem to do ok,of course. These people don't live,they exist which is not fair.

  • It's allowed because of politics...

  • I think we share a passion for fairness but sadly life is not fair. I wish it were more so though. Mx

  • Life is certainly not fair...

  • I always wonder why I was born here and could so easily have been born in a far far worse place.

  • maybe simply the luck of the draw...who knows the answer

  • or if we come back, then we come back each time to a better place

  • Life isn't fair, but sometimes it's unfair in your favour . . .

  • "Sadly Karma seems to have a role to play in our lives.....just some of us don't know it...to say more might cause offence..so i wont..But very thought provoking,,,thank you for enlightening us Vashti....

  • I rather wish you had said more?

  • I absolutely believe in Karma...Several years ago I accidentally ran into a Korean Shaman. I apologized for my clumsiness and turned to leave..She grabbed my hand and said we had knowledge of one another in another lifetime. I tried to pull away from her but her clasp was firm. She made me hear her out. Listening to her was like I had been living in the dark all my life and she turned the light on. So yeah, it's all about Karma..Realizing that; I can handle my emphysema with more understanding.

  • If the encounter has helped you, then that is all to the good...best wishes

  • Interesting post vashti I often wonder the same thing. Despite all it's faults I would rather live in Britain than anywhere else in the world and I guess we are all lucky enough to be born in a civilised place where we can lead free lives. That's why I am a great believer in foreign aid and helping others in more hostile countries. When I see pictures of those poor starving little babies I think there but for the Grace of God..

    What fascinates me in a place like North Korea is how it's people are brainwashed into idolising their psychotic leader or do they really or is it all for show and the TV cameras? They would all have to pretend to worship him anyway or risk death. x

  • I seriously doubt it's for show...it's brain washing pure and simple...much the same with Hitler

  • I read her story too. I hope to soon see the film. We all need to fulfil different turns of the wheel. Karma will see that the wheel keeps turning until we are able learn what each life lesson is set. We are all on different parts of the wheel even though we appear to share this common time frame. The important part may have been where her path crossed with others not when the man-made border was crossed. It is possible it was not she who was learning a lesson from this.

  • I don't even pretend to understand what it is you've written...but I'm able to see what you mean and that doesn't make any sense whatsoever...the concept of Karma is one I find difficult...that this girls path may have changed or altered someone else? That I can almost cope with.

  • Hello Vashti, What an amazing Korean woman, she exercised her human right of choice and in the end escaped oppression. It is hard for us to witness the suffering of people who live under dictators and despots when we have freedom of choice and a decent standard of living. Our forefathers fought and died so we could be free men/women. We live in a world divided by language, politics, poverty, religion and different cultures but we are all connected. Chief Seattle 1854 ~~~~~

    Humankind has not woven the web of life, we are but one thread within it, Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves, All things are bound together, All things connect. ~~~~~

    I too thank my lucky stars and am eternally grateful to be born in this part of the world and at the same time I long for world peace and harmony. hugs huff xxxx

  • Thank you for wise words Huff

  • No idea...it's a cruel world and I do feel so sorry for those that have had to crawl their way to freedom. Hence the reason I thank my lucky stars for each day I am appreciative in my privileged freedom. Audrey Jersey. Never take life for granted!

  • It is a privilege isn't it...for us to be born free and to live free lives...

  • I feel grateful for life ,we have to learn how to respect and have dignity for life and everyone.

  • Sad that there are too many who do not share your opinion...

  • Morning Vashti A very thought provoking post, What terrible times people suffer,I often think how frightened people must be when they are scared to voice an opinion on anything. How does it happen. Yes, we are lucky to live in Britian but why are there people who hate us so. Many people who detest our way of life live here,have all the benefits of our society, and still want to destroy us WHY. Very best wishes. Bulpit

  • I don't know Bulpit...I simply don't have the answer to that.

  • All so true Vashti most of the common people of the world know what they would like, is just a life to live as freely as they can! Throughout mankind we have seen power corrupt! Sadly No matter what we think it still is.

    If we gave something away for free, there would still be people that would want more!

  • It is that power trip which the little people love so much...from that small fat man in North Korea to Hitler...

  • And the 1930's are repeating themselves in the Ukraine

  • Hello Vashti.If I lived forever, I'd still not understand this world and some of the people in it! Why do some think they have the right to tell others how to live? Why do some try to tell others who to worship? Why do some go to countries belonging to others and take it away?

    I've never understood the fuss over the Falklands? Just because a sprinkling of "Brits" live there, why should it belong to us? It's thousands of miles away and part of Argentina. Why don't we let Argentina have the Isle of Wight in exchange - the idea to me is just as stupid!?

    Why do we allow those to whom we've welcomed into our country and given shelter to, preach violence and hatred against us publicly and not send them back to where they came from?

    I could go on for hours about such issues and more, but I won't. I just think this is a very messed up world and if everyone stuck to their own and stopped interfering in the ways of other nationalities, it would be a better place.

  • Nobody has any backbone or guts to march those complaining down to the docks and put them on the next boat back to the country they left behind...

  • How right you are! They're just laughing at us and our "justice". Come one, come all and do whatever you want to. We'll just smack your wrist, give you benefits, a free house, free medical care and anything else you want. After all, it's all paid for by those who've worked all their lives just to give it to you! NOT!

  • Hi Nikkers, ,lovely name by the way, the reason we want the Falklands, it is a strategic situation, needed if another war breaks out. Its all politics !! North Korea is protected by China, they need it in there pocket as it is a protection from South Korea and their allies ! again politics. But there is no reason for the despot to treat his people they way he does. That story is very old. Few get away. They know no other way of life.

    Its is just terrible, breaks my heart to think about it. I remember all the starving in Ethiopia, all the children, But only 3 miles away is Addis Ababa, a rich and flourishing city, fountains full of water, top of the range cars. I have been there, The people starving are just not wanted, so they leave them to die. They also take the money (gift aid) none of it goes to the starving. It buys planes and gold for the rulers.

    People are greedy,selfish and don't give a dam. But we have so much, our hearts go out to them and we want to help.

    History tells us that we have not always had a free and easy life in England. We must count our blessings, while we can. The future, we do not know. I pray we keep our freedom to help others. But I live in fear of the future. I am glad I am old, well 65. Last year we toured with our caravan through 8 countries, we saw poverty in EU countries so terrible. Our lives are so tenuous. Kathy xxx

  • Pretty much my way of thinking also. We have nothing to really complain about - yet we almost go looking for something. When it shows any disaster area on the news and people are taken to 'something' called a hospital we see rusty iron frames, or the floor as beds, with little in the way of pillows or blankets, and these often seem to be in a make-shift building or tent. It' s humbling to think that this help they receive is possibily appreciated more, despite us having some of the best nursing care in the world.

    It's said that as a whole there is enough food in the world for everyone if only it could be shared equally, and I guess to some extent the same goes for other commodities.

    We don't have the answer as to why some have more than enough ( and more again) - and other parts of the world are dying for want of the most basic of things.

    We can't change where we were born but we are at least able to share a little of what we have.

  • Hello Vashti

    Can you tell me where you read about this remarkable woman as I would like to read it too. Keep smiling

    Carole x

  • This is a link to her talking about her life Carole...I think the BBC are planning to show a programme about her.

  • Oh Vashti, I am moved to tears who could not be... :(

  • I wept over this...such a fragile little woman to have undergone unspeakable horrors...

  • Even if we have little to give we can tell others about the conditions in countries far from ours...spread the word and maybe things will change for the better.

  • Thank you Vashti

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