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AH thats why (and unrelated Pride!)

How many of you watched the news this morning to see that the flu vaccine was only 3% effective - that explains it all. Wish though it had been announced earlier and perhaps I would have contact the Doctor for anti-viral drugs for my husband as suggested by someone on TV. On the positive side at least I know there is such a thing and if it hits us again I will know what to ask for! Having said all that I will be in the queue next year for the flu jab and dragging my husband behind me!

Last night was an open evening at school - our youngest daughter is starting to choose her GCSE subjects. Of course I want my husband included but am also aware that at 14 it is pretty embarassing being with your parents anyway without the added burden of an oxygen canister. I am so proud of my husband for acknowledging he needs it, walking around the enormous school plugged in and ensuring that conversations were about my daughters education. It is so different going into a shopping centre etc. - we don't know anyone but there in school we are known and it takes courage to face that.

AND my fabulous daughter who protectively carries his oxygen tank with a real air of caring. I asked her later if she found it embarassing and she was quite adamant that she didn't. She did admit that people had said cruel things to her but she chooses to ignore them. She said her friends didn't say anything and thats what matters.

Today I am very proud! Wishing you all a very healthy, happy weekend.

Lots of love TAD xxx

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Hi Tad,

What a good girl you've got. Whats her name? 14 is a rough age and they get embarrassed so very easy. She sounds

like a sweetheart. And your husband is right there for his family. You should be proud Tad! Thats really nice.

Have a great day


Thank you Ruby - her name is Hannah. Not always a sweetheart! but does step up to the mark. Thanks you for your lovely comments. xxx

Thank you flibberti xxx

Oh what a lovely post TAD and it's put a big smile on my face. Good on Pete for being so upfront and my what a great daughter you have. She is a credit to both of you and reflects her good upbringing. Lovely xx

Thank you xxx

Thanks for the information about the anti-viral drugs Tadaw. Always good to know about anything that helps us.

Agree with the others about Hannah. Kids can give us such strength especially when the chips are down. Take care. Hope you and Pete have a lovely day.

Sara xx

Thank you xxx

Ah that's a lovely uplifting post, thank you and I'm wishing you a lovely weekend with your wonderful family! hugs huff xxxx

Thank you xx

With a brave daughter and a loving wife hubby can't go wrong Tad. Love and best wishes to all three of you.

Bobby xxxx

Don't you worry Bobby I tell them every day!! Xx

Hi tad, so glad it went well and what a lovely family post, hope ur all well, take care xx Sonia xx

Thank you Sonia hope you are ok xxx

You have every right to be proud Tad. Seems like the rest of the family are as brave and caring as you are.

Thank you - we just get on with it!! Xx

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