Results Of BLF Poll

Results Of BLF Poll

Hi everyone, remmber when BLF asked us lot and those on facebook which we preferred as best word or words to use in there leaflets etc to describe talk about our disease and our condition's

Well the results are in

They had 160 responses to this that survey on disease or condition.

Here's what they had to say thanks for this fantastic input.

The results are now in, and there was a clear preference (73%) for use of the term 'condition' in health information, so we will continue to use the word 'condition' in our health information.

As some people commented, it all depends on context and so we will also use the term 'disease' in certain cases when it's appropriate.

Thanks so much for all your thoughtful comments and responses, your opinions really are invaluable to us.

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  • Thanks for update Denis,I thought that would be the outcome more or less.I know it,s just semantics but using the gentler term makes sense as we can all be a bit tetchy due to feeling under the weather.Cheers! D.

  • Hi FarmerD defo age with ya sentiments only thing you have to watch is those agancy's that love to take advantage of sick and disabled

    Thats my only concern when using softer langue we have hard time enough with people thinking our conditions are nothing with out advantage being taken out of us as well

  • That sounds like the correct outcome.

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