update on powerbreathe medic use

Powerbreathe medic update.

I bought a COPD screener and diagnosed myself because Dr agreed I was misdiagnosed for years as asthmatic but didn't test to see why I was short of breath, and I was disturbed enough to figure it out myself and then get diagnosis of COPD moderate confirmed. This was done by Dr B giving me his desktop screener and telling me to blow in it once, looking at it and then telling me I was right So....

20/10/2014 I was officially dx emphysema with 58% fev1, given spiriva and started doing this breathing video daily

and my fev1 raised to 64-67%

Added Powerbreathe medic but wasn't doing it enough, I had only done 45 breaths twice daily instead of 90 so no change but started with 90x2 16/01/2015 and it went up to 69% fev1 But I think I have still been doing it wrong. Im supposed to take a sharp breath in and release slowly out through the powerbreathe, but Ive been drawing breath in firmly but steadily rather than sharply doing it. I am trying to remedy this as I expect that will improve things further, but it isn't natural and I keep forgetting till almost done, but will eventually get it there. I feel confident it would work much better if I can just do it right. Will persevere.

The fev1 fluctuates as is normal for COPD. But I do feel I am breathing better and can do more without getting SOB as soon, and that I have avoided infection despite getting a bit of cold, and thinking infections were starting a couple of times, and being regularly coughed over in surgeries, hospitals, streets and buildings (I use wheelchair out so am lower down for drops to settle on)

I found some very clear and simple, yet still in depth specialised webinars for both tpes of lung conditions, COPDers and those with restrictive breathing conditions, now all I need to do is remember it all. Here is link to first one if you would like to see more


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  • Hi Carole

    I saw nobody replied to this post from month ago. Surprising, as you put videos. Good post too. Are you using the power breath now ? How are you doing?

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Hi Ruby,

    Im not currently using powerbreathe because I had an infection and was unwell so couldn't use it, then had a few weeks with heart misbehaving, and again couldnt use it, but eventually had meds for it drastically increased, and finally things settled down recently for me. Im doing well at the moment, and FEV went up from 58 to 64 courtesy of Spiriva, so Im holding the powerbreathe in reserve for now but do use it sometimes when on my stationary bike as bike tension isn't great and PB helps with getting more puffy on it. Doing breathing and exercises videos, and find the physio video really helpful. Hoped someone else would as well.

    Inspired by our Tony I invested in a treadmill, sadly only a cheapo one so Im leaning forward to hold the rail and trying to build up time on that, but its ok for starters, and just love his videos, find them inspiring too and will pop one on and go along with it. My oxygen overnight is better too for some reason, Dr saw my sleep recordings and said I have apnea, but they have changed a lot, much less dips so wouldn't be called that now!. I feel sure the doubled increase in my calcium channel blocker raise has helped somehow with my breathing esp at night but Dr gave a gentle smile, (you know the sort), when I said that to him. I wondered if, because it widens blood vessels, it lets more oxygen get around in blood which in turn makes me feel better. He is leaving surgery now which is a shame as he did listen to me and helped. I shall miss him.

    Anyways, how are you? Doing well too I hope?

    Carole x

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