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Always look on the bright side

Reasons to be cheerful. Winter nearly over and spring just round the corner.

really love the Eric Idle and the Monty Python team for my signature tune

"Always look on the bright side of life" as there are always innocent kids who are seriously ill who have not had a life like me and the rest of the members.

Reasons to be cheerful I woke up this morning but kn*********** by this afternoon.

Good night all

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I'm with you on this one Mike. :)


I have edited the full version to just the verse that talks about "your terminal breathe" & the chorus, and have it on my phone as a ring tone. Plays well in shops lol


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Good for you. There is always reasons to be cheerful although I must be honest because I do moan under my breathe about not being able to do some things. But hey cant always be cheerful but I try


Morning Mikeadams, My dearest and oldest friend died recently, she planned her own funeral and that tune was played, she had always looked on the bright side, Best wishes Bulpit


I have it as my ringtone! Keep smiling

Carole x


Hi Mike

I have just looked up the song on Youtube and sang along with it. Thanks, a good start to the day.




mikeadams51, I am a realist optimist. when something happen, face it, deal with it courageously, and then go further on your journey. It's the same with my kind of religion. We sin (a lot). Christ forgives you when you do and tells you: "Come on, your sins are forgiven. don't do it anymore, don't brood over the sin too much, acknowledge it, get on with Life".

Not easy, but efficient. My belief, not everyone's cup of tea! Mic


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