Recent chest infection

Hi all, hope you are all as well as can be at present.

I have had a chest infection for the last 6/7 weeks, had 3 lots of antibiotics, the last one finished today. Since last Friday I have been experiencing pain in my left breast which goes into my armpit, it is worse when breathing and coughing, but is there constantly. Could it be from the chest infection?

Any insight would be appreciated.


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  • Hi Jan, it could be caused by the coughing but probably be best to get it check out with the Doctor.

    Hope you will be well again soon.

    Take care

    polly xx

  • Thanks Polly, I did wonder if it was the cough, it is very painful and hurts even more when I cough. Will get back and see GP I think.


  • I echo Polly's advice Jan. Could be something still lurking from your infection or you may need different antibiotics or, it could be simply caused by coughing as often happens with me. I often end up folding a towel lengthwise and wrapping it around my chest area and pulling firmly so that my ribs don't move when coughing.

    Works a treat if it is strained ribs/muscles.


  • Thanks for replying butter-fly, it seems to be more in my boob (sorry fellas) and in my armpit than the ribs, but of course it could be referred pain. Will contact GP tomorrow if it hasn't subsided.


  • I do get pain in the left boob area that goes into my armpit and down the inside of my arm usually stopping at the elbow but that doesn't particularly coincide with an infection or cough. It can happen anytime.


  • Yes thanks Sara, will need to get it checked out I think, still there today.


  • Hi Jan, I hope by the time you read this you are feeling better and the pain had subsided. If not, I totally agree with the above comments - I think you should go back to your GP. You've had enough antibiotics now, perhaps he/she needs to do something else for you - an x-ray, maybe?

    Like you I suffered from a virus that began just before last Xmas and after two doses of heavy duty antibiotics it still wouldn't go. I had a nasty cough that resulted in giving me an inflammation between the ribs and oh, my goodness it hurt when I coughed or breathed so, I know what you mean. Do go and see your GP Jan and I hope you're feeling heaps better soon. Keep warm :)

  • Thanks Covenham for replying, I will ring GP in the morning for an appointment hope you are well and now over the virus.

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