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Dalls (Rock Style Exercise Video)

This cold weather is dragging on so I'm doing my best to stay in shape with a bit of indoor exercise. My oxygen team have given me a new toy to try out, its a GCe mediline ECOlite 4000 oxygen conserver for my back pack. It supply's 8 litres of pulsed oxygen so it should give me a little extra for my exercise routine, there's only one real way to find out how much it will help and that's to give it a try.

Click the link if you dare and join in for 15 mins of torture/fun :)


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Im away Tony, home tomorrow so will check this when i get back. Intriguing . . .

Don't get to excited 02, its just me and my new conserver toy, some rock music, a lot of heavy breathing and a cat chilling on the sideline. :) .

Sounds cool Tony :)

There's some cool tunes alright but you wont be feeling quite so cool at the end of my 15 minute exercise session. :) .

ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! Way to go Tony - respect. You are such an inspiration to all. It doesn't matter really what exercise you do just do some. The equipment you used is not expensive - the music was motivational and your air guitar and impromptu dance moves will start a new craze I'm sure, not sure about the audience participation though think you might have to work on that!

How do you feel after you have regained your breath and how do you think exercise has helped your condition.

Keep it up Tony

Thanks Sokrackers, You noticed that Tiger the cat wasn't to keen on moving from my chair and joining in, he was just thinking 'could you turn that noise down I'm trying to get some sleep over here'.

There's no doubt in my mind that exercise has helped me to stay more active, I could have taken the easier option and sat in my chair after falling ill but I probably wouldn't be here now if I had.

I find that I always breath better and think better after exercise, it clears my lungs and my mind it seems.

I take it you enjoyed the new Dall air guitar spinning while strumming dance moves for better balance. :) . Its a bit of fun and where would we be without that eh' Sokrackers Ha Ha

God Bless ya, I would love to stay and chat but gotta get me kettle bell out after your inspiration this morning.

I must admit after seeing your post I took a deep breath before I pressed play - I had an idea what you would be up to.

How many times a week can you do it? And how do you remember all the moves?

So the alarm bells were ringing when you saw my video post Ha Ha. Kettle bell sounds good, we use them at fit to breath if their the weight with a handle on top.

Any exercise is good for us so anything goes, might even buy some of them myself.

I try and keep up 4 to 5 sessions a week which is quite easy at the moment, what with the weather keeping me indoors a lot more than I would like.

Remembering the moves comes easy when you've been going to fit to breath for 4 years, our physio/trainer is very loud so their etched on my brain now and unforgettable.


Would love to see you twerking! he he he

Careful now Sokrackers, you might get what you wish for Ha Ha. You had better get some oxygen nearby cause it might bring on an exasperation. :) .

Whoops spelling mistake there its 'exhilaration'

Arent you supposed to stop if you get dizzy? That was a little scary there for a minute. But what an inspiration, Im just gobsmacked and that is unusual for me lol. Well done doesn't cut it. Wow is a little closer though. Oh and Tigger is not the star. YOU are. Well done Tony.


Good on you Tony. Keep it up. x

Thanks coughalot, If I can get a few healthunlockeders doing a little exercise then I will keep it up so watch out for some more Dall exercise vid's and run a mile if you've any sense. :) .

Well running is good for you too en it'

Tony x

Ha ha Tony. It makes me tired just to think of all that exercise! But you definitely are an inspiration to us all and I think you are great. xx

Your beginning to sound like my cats tigger and tiger. Ha Ha xx

Hi Carole, I'm sort of used to the head spinning a little and as long as its not to bad I can continue if I back off a little until it goes.

You've got to push yourself just outside your comfort zone to get the benefit I find and anyway you soon recover once you join the cat and sit/lie down afterwards. :)

Oh yeh' I'm in my chair now and Tiger has moved his lazy bum and gone for a stroll outside but I'm sure he wont be long before he's back sleeping again. :)

Thanks Carole, it was fun making you unusually gobsmacked Ha Ha.


thought youd know what you were doing, and am looking forward to next one. x

Your new toy seems great Tony and you are such an inspiration. It is great to keep yourself fit when you can't get outside quite so much. What a lovely cat - seemed so unimpressed! Lots of love and you take care. I need a lie down now just watching you. xxx

I lie down too sassy, but first I have to earn it. :) . Rock on sassy xxx

Did the whole routine with you Tony, using two large jars of spaghetti sauce as weights. I'd just come back from 40 minutes walking ( very slowly it has to be said) and 30 minutes on the exercise machines in our park. So not the best time but the sunshine and exercise had given me an endorphin rush. So I put you on the kitchen table and tried to keep up. I followed as best I could and even synchronised my breathing so I could huff and puff at the same time. It was quite the duet :) By the time it finished I was praying for it to end. Found the marching on the spot very difficult and could not do the two hands on one weight and arms over the head. Did it to chin level. But I enjoyed it and may put you on the mantelpiece tomorrow and try another session. Well done Tony and enjoy the new toy. It looks heavy, do you know what weight it is ?

I love the idea of Tony on your mantlepiece Argana ;)

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It's fairly solid, so hopefully it will take his weight :) Of course what we really need is 'Tony on the telly' then we can all join in :)

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You're not wrong A ;)

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If you have a smart TV then you can pair your computer to it and watch me on Youtube, quite scary on the big screen :) so be warned!!. Technology isn't always for the best. :)

Great to see I'm still useful about the house Argana Ha Ha. Its good to see my video is helping people and giving them a laugh at the same time.

The new toy is the little conserver that attaches to the oxygen cylinder which makes the oxygen last twice as long. I've weighed the cylinder back pack and when full its roughly 1 stone so its not ideal for an exercise routine but I used it just this one time to try it out.

Have fun with me tomorrow and make sure I'm secure on your mantelpiece, I don't want to fall off and flatten your toes. :) .


Good stuff Tony. Watched it 'til the very end! That's my eye exercise for the day then. Don't laugh, it's more than that cat is doing.

Seriously, thanks for the video. Did quite a few of those exercises from my chair as I'm winded today. Now I need a rest.

Have to say you are a great inspiration to us all Tony.

Sara xx

Well done Sara for putting my lazy cat Tiger to shame, I'll tell him he's an embarrassment and to buck his ideas up. :) .

Tony xx

Hi flibberti, I have a treadmill but it got buried in the garage during some house improvements so I've not used it this winter, As you can see though there are plenty of other ways to get your exercise without going to great expense.

They used to call me Buzz Light Year in ICU when I was in the c-pap helmet, now that's an experience I don't want to repeat.

I'll be glad to when this cold weather comes to an end. :) xx

Great work out and music made me so tired watching you could just curl up with the cat on that chair looks so comfy

Glad you enjoyed it on a m , my mission is to stay fit through these winter months and be ready to enjoy the spring/summer/autumn :) . Bring them on!!

Cats have got it made haven't they :)


As you know I go swimming and the winter nights just want to curl up in front of the fire, hope we have a good one this year last year was a fantastic summer.

I wouldn't mind being a cat with a cosy chair like yours lol

Tigers sleeping in my chair right now and Tigger is sleeping up on the bed. I've got to go out shopping :( .

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