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simple remedy found for clearing your chest

After years of struggling in the mornings to clear the rubbish of my chest, It has finally dawned on me that using Carbocisteine tablets, Olbus oil on tissues, mad a flutter device, which I had to purchase myself some tears ago. I can confirm the BEST way is laughter, nothing, and I really mean nothing is as effective . I have just been watching Frasier and the antics they get upto had me cleared out in no time.

By the way I hope the weather and the Flu epidemic isn't affecting you lot too much, the weather here in Portugal is picking up a bit, lovely blue sky and sunshine , but cool in the shade , and a cold wind that feels it could cut you in half, still wearing shorts though.

Returning in Early June, selling motorhome if any body interested, 5 berth, brilliant condition, mechanically top notch, £11,000 Ono. Have bought a car down here and next time we come down will be living in big static caravan on same site we are on now.

Best wishes to everyone. X


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Well Frasier is riotous so i get it :) But sneezing works well for me too.

And laughter is great for the immune system and psychological health.


It sounds like Portugal agrees with you Chris and I can only envy you the warmth there. If you wore shorts in the Uk at the moment you would freeze your legs off. I am not a fan of Frazier though but agree with you that laughter is a great tonic. Take care. x


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