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in 2009 I had a very bad chest infection, after antibiotics it still did not clear. Later I was sent to see a chest specialist. The specialist hummed and hawed as to a diagnosis and recommended further tests. He added a line to the letter to my GP stating that 'he did not understand the significance of the aspergillus antibodies in my blood'. Now I have been diagnosed with Severe COPD in 2014, again I was tested for aspergillus, and guess what.....I still have these antibodies.

Having spoken to the BLF nurse, she recommended that I get in touch with the National Aspergillus Centre in Manchester, which I did, they have told me to get a GP referral. I asked for the referral but my GP said it has to go before a committee for approval (I live in Scotland).

Anyone else have restrictions put on them by Committee's? Has anyone had resting for Aspergillus?


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  • Well that sounds like a nightmare! I can't give you any advise but I wonder if the helpline can advise - You can call the helpline on 03000 030 555 Lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. The very best of luck TAD xxx

  • Thanks Tad it was the helpline that said I should be retested for aspergillus. Now just waiting to see the GP again tomorrow, to see if tere is a way around it apart from me having to fund it. So much for working all my life and working for years for NHS. :-(

  • Hi annieosb,

    Sounds like a terrible situation to be in.

    About five years ago I was getting numerous chest infections etc went to gp's and then eventually referred to hospital where astma was diagnosed, during this time I had a skin prick test carried out and aspergilloses was seen as something I was allergic to but no more was said by the consultant so I thought nothing of it.

    Last year it all came to a head awful chest infections, coughing up blood extreme chest pain and worrying trips to the x-ray department only then referred to hospital where I have been diagnosed with allergic bronchpulmonary aspergilloses and bronchiectasis, I am only saying all this to make you persevere with your referral as I think if someone had picked up on my tests earlier my symptoms might have been caught before I had to go through so much I'll health.

    Best of luck and keep pushing

  • Hi Modola, What a terrible situation for you. Glad you have a diagnosis but what a journey. Even the so called experts really have not a clue sometimes and sadly my faith in doctors is going down the pan.

    Yes I am keeping at it as I have never had the classic symptoms of COPD. However, I am now in touch with the National Aspergillosis Centre in Manchester where I hope to learn more of my condition.

    Many thanks and good luck with your health.

  • Hi Annieosb, I understand your feelings towards the doctors it can be a very lonely experience when you don't get any answers and your just left in limbo with conflicting opinions - i wish you all the very best and I hope you get more joy with the Aspergillosis Centre.

    Take care and the very best of wishes :-)

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