High flow conserver for ambulatory oxygen

Hi all, I've just had a visit from my oxygen provider, they have given me a new toy for my oxygen back pack. Its a new digital high flow conserver which is capable of supplying up to 8 liters instead of the one I had previous which could only supply 6 litres, it seems I am going to be turbo charged now but will have to keep my eye on the fuel gauge when using full throttle eh' :)

I'm also booked in for the oxygen to be plumed in around the house so no more long hoses to trip over and get caught around anything and everything when on the move.

It seems I am being very well looked after by my oxygen team and for this I am very grateful

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  • Hi Dallo5, they certainly are looking after you. It's so nice to hear. how much longer will the extra 2 litres give you?

  • Hi casper, I will actually get less time from my cylinders if I turn up the conserver to 8 liters per minute but it will be useful for when I need that bit of extra boost walking on the Malverns. I may even be able to jog up them now. (In my dreams :) Ha Ha)

  • Ahhhh, I see, I thought it gave you extra time, I get it now. xx

  • Hello Tony, it's good you're being well looked after, as you should be, I am glad you can get 8ltrs a min, I was a bit worried about getting about when I get passed the 5 my conserver goes up to. I am just so glad not to be stuck in like so many of us are! hugs huff xxx

  • Hi HP, That extra 2 liters could come in handy when I'm jogging up the Malverns eh' :) . This should be good news to those of us who need a higher flow rate when getting out and about.

    Don't now about you but I'm finding this cold spell pretty tough going, I'm basically stuck indoors and only going out when absolutely necessary, I'm coughing a lot more than usual and bringing up loads of clear gunge so something is going on in that chest of mine.

    Tony xxx

  • Agree with you there Tony, this weather recently has been really tough; I might hibernate next winter. Interesting to hear about this new conserver as I have to use mine on the max 6 rating when doing short walks, but was told this was ok as my flow rate at rest is only 3lt/min. What is your resting flow rate?, and how did you get on to this new one. Where you referred by your oxygen assessment team or did your O2 supplier suggest it to you? Thanks for any info you can offer.

  • They sure are looking after you Tony. Just don't take to the skies with your new super powered oxygen! Otherwise you really be a Superman!

    I've been waiting since October to get oxygen up to my bedroom. Apparently they have a massive backlog so I when it happens is anyone's guess. Truthfully I'm sick of the hose and of silly people tripping over it and then whinging about it! I'm the only one allowed to do that

    Rant over! Look forward to a video of you steaming up the Malverns

    Sara xx

  • Hi Sara, Look out there's gonna be some reports on the news soon about unidentified flying objects around the Malverns, is it a bird, is it a plane, No! its me with my new high flow 8 liter back pack on full throttle. :)

    It seems Baywater Health were struggling to keep up with demand for fitting oxygen pipework to houses so they have taken on someone full time to keep us all happy. They tell me it should be no longer than 2 weeks before I'm fitted out so hopefully your oxygen supplier will do the same.

    Tony xx I wonder when HU is going to sort out our e-mails?

  • Is it HU's problem? Guess it must be. All the other emails are getting through ok. Why don't they tell us????? xx

  • No no no! That oxygen is for cycling with! ? you just stay well, Tony!

  • Should be enough boost to get us to slimbridge one day yeh! :)

  • Oh dear before your booster there was no holding you back. I'm taking cover!! Glad to see you in such good spiritsxxx

  • As Freddy used to sing.Burning through the sky yeh, 200 degrees, that's why they call me Mr farenheit, travelling at the speed of light. Ha Ha Ha

    Ok a little carried away but that extra 2 liters will help when on a steep hill and there's plenty of them around here.

    Tony xxx

  • Glad to hear you are getting such good service. I must say that we seem to have had great service from our oxygen providers. The sky is the limit now!! Lots of love TAD xxx

  • Hi Tadaw, I used to be with Air Products but they were outbid by Baywater Healthcare on the contract renewal and I was a little worried the excellent service I already had would not be so good but there was no need to worry. So far Baywater seem to be equally as good and I have nothing but praise for them.

    All I need now is some warmer weather so I can put the 8 liter back pack to the test.

    Tony xxx

  • I have never heard of having oxygen plumed into the house. Where do you live? I would love such a great asset. Thanks.

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