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Anyone know How Can Have High BP And Be Freezing

Have been feeting Quite ill and have noticed my Blood Pressure as been sys 150/90 dia

A know it hypertension BUT am freezing all the time

Av not got LUNG infection or THYROID problems BUT i know shaking can be some sort of shock

Also i have had problems with finger's and opening packaging and useing keys

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Cold weather causes blood vessels to constrict, thus increasing blood pressure.

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Hi StillTrucking

Cheers thanks for reply its just even when hosue is hot am still freezing is defo anoying.

Reply ...what stilltrukin said its right the weather plays a large part .


Hi itsBAme cheers thanks for link defo agree about weather seems that way

Cheers thanks

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Possibly an under-active thyroid (hypothyroidism):

Sufficient iodine is necessary for the production of thyroid hormones, and iodine deficiency is quite common:

Can't hurt to take an iodine supplement to see if it helps. Everyone needs at least 150 mcg/day. Three times that is a decent dose, and you could double that (to 900 mcg) without risk of overdosing.

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Hi Thanks yer i have had comprehensive blood test and all tbat come back ok

Doc's referring me to neurologist a dont think its Celtic Disease as i live in england currently and english well of sorts lol

Did a post previously about brain nevers stuff.

Think it might be some sort Neuropathy caused by asbestos stuff

Cheers thanks for links reply


I think you should discuss your symtoms with GP don't worry too much if that was just one recording, but I think you need to talk to GP let him / her know wht yo are suffering at the moment, eat warm foods, lots of hot drinks, wear several layers light weight clothes better than one thick jumper. Hope this hepls


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Hi juneCov Cheers yer av tried everything even excise

Ad like to think alls fine BUT this last few weeks as been tad bad yer have been at doc's most days.

To be fair the do look interested in whats happing to me just have to wait for the investigations

Have bp machine at home and its always that high these days

Thanks for ya reply


Hi ItsBAme Cheers thanks for link very comprahensive

Thanks for reply

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