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Sats 99% (Alkaline water)

Hi family

I posted the other week as I had just ordered my PH9 generator £18.75. It turns tap water alkaline and it is so much better for you etc.

Well I had a great couple of days on it (sats up to 98%) and then my PH testing kit arrived in the post! Tap water ph8 and after using my PH generator it went up to 8.1 so hardly made any difference to drinking tap water!

So that could save you guys wasting your money! The principle of alkaline water is not the issue here it's the gadget that doesn't do what it claims!

So for the last few days my sats have reached 99% I can only put it down to my constant efforts to be fit. I did absolute abs yesterday when many others were nice and cosy under the duvet. Ok I know I can't do it well like the others - I just do what I can. When the instructor says lie on your back and put both legs in the air - I just put the one leg up! Each time for a little longer - I am pleasantly aching today but will be back in the gym for kettlebells tomorrow.

Aldi have some great deals on kettlebells and fitness kit at the moment. Funny I bought a 2.5kg kettlebell yesterday but it didn't have a code on it so the lady at the till lifted it up to ask a collegue for the code and went owch that's heavy!

I'm going to get a hulahoop next! But I'm not going to give up twerking - it gives me the giggles! Any little exercise is good.

Take care and take it easy

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Thank you so much for your honesty! You have definitely saved me money! You are so good with your exercise - putting me to shame (and I dont have COPD!) and certainly putting my husband to shame! Keep up the good work. Lots of love TAD xxx



Have you tried twerking? It really cheers me up. I darn't post a link to you tube, Miley Cyrus does a great dance. Its hard to be sad when you are twerking. ;)


Sokrackers, You are funny, but if you do all this, it’s wonderful.

The first time I went to the gym (around 2003) I went on the treadmill for 2.5 minutes at 2 km/H (1.5 mile/H !) and was absolutely shattered and out of breath. But I persisted. I’m still there. I know the staff by now; it is very kind. I don’t do treadmill anymore, but bicycle and a whole lot of equipment. Great fun. So do likewise. I have always been curious about kettlebells. Please tell us of your progress with this. I see big burly men (generally with Russian names) advertising for the splendid results on their body ( + anabolic steroids, I should think!).

I was interested in having a device that makes the water soft, especially for the boiler. I think it costs a lot more that £18. There are devices that really work, but I haven’t taken the step toward adding it to the boiler. Some are magnetic devices (a bit suspicious of those) the others I don’t know how they work.

Keep your regular exercises up and keep smiling. Mic


Sokrackers, I had to look on Wikipedia for this stuff. The information seems interesting.


Hope this helps in your future choice. (You could always send the device back as you only bought it. If you are not completely satisfied, money back guaranteed within 7 days according to distance trading law.


Exercise is doing more than you would do normally? Not how much it hurts doing it! I use callenetics.

Be Well


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