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Benefits of reaching 80

I hope you are prepared for the extra payment from the government when you reach this age. At the present time it is 25p a week, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. I just can't understand the thinking behind this - it makes no difference to anyone and can't be worth the paperwork. It just angers the majority of us older folk.

there, that's off my chest!

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A very Happy Birthday and eightyeth year to you Lyd, you know you are priceless so just ignore the petty government!! Love huff xxxx


It's a blumming insult!!! It wouldn't have even bought you a pkt of balloons haha. I hope you still managed to have a good birthday. x


Ha, well I'll be 81 in four weeks time. Pension service reminded me of it this week as it's added to increases in benefits letter. It's unbelievably stupid and why didn't they realise it would only serve to show how out of touch they are. do they know what you can do with 25p ? there is an answer, lol.

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Wow! good on you! Hope you have a great day and you get utterly spoilt!! :D There certainly is an answer, give it to them with both barrels haha!!! hugs huff xxxxxx :p :) xoxoxoxo


Its a stupid sum as you said not worth the paper they inform you on, if you saved it for a month you still can not buy a coffee or a sticky bun. It got to make you smile really xx Fred :)


Well I hope you enjoyed your birthday Lyd, now don't go spending all that at


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