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The Nutribullet

Hi All,

We all know or have been told about the benefits of good food/healthy eating etc etc with COPD.

Well I have made the amazing discovery of the nutribullet! Been using it for about 10 days now.

You can blend fruit and veg, so you can hide the kale and spinach taste, with banana and berries. I feel much better since using this as I can have a smoothie breakfast and another for a healthy supper. You can use water, milk, yoghurt as well as frozen berries (much cheaper than fresh fruit and last longer). It means you always have access to a healthy meal as you can add nuts for protein.

The best of all is it is so easy to clean, just rinse under a running tap and you are ready for the next one.

Hope this helps


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Hi Annie, you have reminded me to start using mine again. As you say best part is so easy to wash up. Enjoy. xxx

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Hi Annie,

We had a discussion about the nutribullet not too long ago when we were talking about beet juice. And excellent addition to what your juicing. Anyway, I was going to go right out and buy one. Well now you got me all psyched up again! This time I'm going to get it.

Thanks Annie

Rubyxx ☺


Hi I saw a similar blender/juicer in the asda sales for £20 and in a way regret not buying it in away - will it just sit in the cupboard after a few uses. Here is the link

I believe the Nutribullet is around £100 so the one on sale in asda (online but click n collect) at £20 with all the spare jugs n bits seems like a good deal???


Hi Annie, good to know that you're feeling the benefits of using your new your blender. Recently, I bought it's mate, the Nutri Ninja! it's around the same price so I guess they do an equally good job.

As I lost some weight last year I was prescribed Fortisip until this stopped just before Chsistmas. Using the blender to make my own supplements now, plus experimenting with different fruits, etc. As you say any 'orrible veg can be disguised, and if necessary a meal could be chopped down for easier eating.

Lots of possibilities :) Have fun!


In our country nothing is grown naturally any more. In Africa there are more pests than answers so all our veggies and fruits will sometime need some pesticides or something. A UK food chain claim to have organic grown food which only means that the farmer must time his pesticides well. They also claim to have free range eggs - I never saw any eggs running around freely. So what I'm actually saying is eat what you can find and hope for the best.

On a lighter note - there is one taste you can never hide - cauliflower - How do you guys eat that?


Put it in the nutribullet! My friend hates spinach, so I made a drink with spinach, carrot , mango and banana....she loved it and I told her after she drank it that it had large amounts of spinach!



ooooh, cauliflowers yummy. Great with white sauce too. But then I like Brussels sprouts too lol.

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me too lol


I also bought the nutribullet a couple of weeks ago. I love it. Re: fresh fruits and veg lasting longer, I bulk buy and put enough mixed F&V in individual freezer bags and freeze. I take out a bag as I fancy and blitz and go. No slicing fruit and veg each time I fancy a glass.

I have been using apples, pears, spinach, a piece of ginger root and carrots. I sometimes add avocado to make it even creamier. When I want to change the texture and taste, I add prunes, oats and/or chia seeds.

Although I love bananas, they don't love me. I find I wheeze more and produce more phlegm...yuk

I have enough bags to last easily 3 or more weeks. Each bags are enough to fill the tall glass when water or liquid of choice is added.

I have had energy boosts and find myself doing housework (that bit I don't like - but I guess while I have the engery the house gets cleaned) lol

Happy blitzing!

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Dear MH

Yes all these tips I am taking from you ...thanks.

Great machine and better for you than feeling unable to make a meal and resorting to junk.

Living alone you tend to eat junk rather than proper food due to lack of energy and motivation.

Thank sagain!



You are most welcome Annie. I too live alone, so I understand about preparing foods being a bit of a chore.


Could not agree more. I love mine. The only downside is all the fruit is high sugar and l am not loosing weight. Having said that, i would not cease using it.


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