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Any ideas?

I really hate to moan about any of my conditions because I know I'm much better off than some! But after 2 nights of no sleep, I'm finding it so hard to cope.

When I went to bed Friday night I started to feel a little rough- bunged up, headache etc. Now I have a full blown cold :(

I started my emergency steroids yesterday in the hope that they'll help, but I am so scared because I know every time I get a cold, my asthma flares and I end up in hospital with a chest infection!

My daughter has just overcome as particularly nasty chest Infection too.

So I wondered if any of you had found any ways to help you cope when you get a cold?

I would be ever so grateful of any tips :-)

I hope you are all well

Charley xx

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You could try lots of Vitamin C. More than recommended dose for a few days won't hurt. Also I find zinc useful when I have a cold.

Hope this helps.

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Dear's no fun being bunged up and full of cold. Pamper yourself, like Bevvy said, vitamin C. Don't turn your heating up too high because that will make you feel more stuffy. Cuddle up with a nice warm blanket and a hot water bottle and watch your favourite film. Prop your pillows up at night to help keep your nose clear. I always find Vick very gentle and soothing to use so long as it doesn't interfere with any of your meds. Take it easy and rest. Hope you feel better soon. x


Hi I am not sure that vit c helps at all when you have a cold. Getting over the counter remedies should help you feel a bit better. Make sure you use your blue inhaler more freqently - hammer it if necessary to try and avoid an asthma attack. I have asthma too and this is what my copd nurse told me. Using a spacer would be good too as you will get more of the meds where they are needed. I hope you feel better soon. x


Vit C helps to boost your immune system in order to help fight the bugs and prevent anything worse occurring.

Doctors instructions to me, also my dentist who knows me well - for those of us lucky enough to have an immune system to boost!

Both doc & dentist told me to take 1000mg plus zinc 3 times daily when fighting infection and for boost when feeling down. The body can't store it so any excess goes in loo.

I get effervesant Vit c +zinc from Boots or supermarkets (sugar free) always 3 for price of 2. Put in a pint of water so you also get plenty of fluid.

Using this method for over a year I got over a chest infection in two weeks - unheard of for me, personally. In the past it would take weeks or months.

Warm saline helps with the bunged-up-ness if you can bear it. Or, you can buy over the counter Sterimar sterile saline fir the nose/sinuses but a bit pricey.

if not better soon, see your doc - better safe than sorry.

Good luck, P


'The effectiveness of vitamin C in preventing and relieving the symptoms of virus-induced respiratory infections':

'Efficacy of zinc against common cold viruses':

I've taken at least 3000 mg of vitamin C every day for many years. Double that at the first sign of a cold. And 30 mg/day zinc.


Thanks all. I'll have to look into the vit c and zinc when I'm at the chemist next :-)

I started my steroids as peak flow down. Have been told to start them when it hits a certain limit, and I've gone well below that!

Unfortunately I don't have emergency antibiotics but I am seeing the chest clinic today who, no doubt will start me on a course.

They won't give me a nebuliser for at home- the opinion being if I need a nebuliser I need to be in hospital:(

I'm keeping everything crossed that I can avoid that situation!

I believe it would be handy to have one at home!

I've not had a cold for a year now (world record for me!!!)

but I had 7or 8 hospital admissions in 2013. Every month I got a cold which turned into bronchitis and was in for a week each time. Not a good time at all!!

Anyway I hope you are all keeping well, thanks again for your advice :-) xxx


there's a new product called coldzyme. It works in a different way to First Defense which I use to prevent catching things when I go into crowds. You spray coldzyme over the back of your mouth and throat at the first feeling of a cold. I have used it twice at the first sign of a cold and it came to nothing. Also my granddaughter always gets tonsillitis with a cold but used this and it didn't happen. I guess anything is worth a try. The advice on vit C and particularly zinc is very good. I also have been using vit D spray and (touch wood) haven't had a chest virus for 18 months, amazing for me. Hope some of this works for you.

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Ooh thanks that sounds like a great product! I'll ask the pharmacist if I can use it- Im on so many other meds hopefully it won't interact :-)

Unfortunately I'm feeling really rough still today. Chest is really tight and I'm very SOB, feel like the bottom of my lungs aren't getting any air at all :( hopefully my respiratory nurse can help when I see her later.

Thank you all so much for your lovely advice xxx


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