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Urinals Of Asbestos Induced Lung Disease Inflammation & Emphysema

Urinals Of Asbestos Induced Lung Disease Inflammation & Emphysema

Inept title ... By A. R. Lung : Perhaps should used chronicles.

But great pen name ANYWAY back to business in hand Asbestos Induced Lung Disease Inflammation And Emphysema to boot

As most will know i have not been to well of late. My bp as been 150/90 and Spo2 as been 99 / 92 feverish and breathing problems and lung pain.

For one horrid minute i thought i had cooked my beans for sure ... given breathing problems pain i thought my chronic lung disease emphysema had advanced and i would be needing oxygen.

Luckily few doses of 7% Hypertonic Saline had dislodged Asbestos Fibbers from my Lung Alveoli small airways Horrific know wonder those with Occupational Lung disease feel feverish given asbestos fibbers causing Minor Lung Pulmonary Haemorrhage and Chronic Inflammation

as this clip illustrates given coughed up asbestos

One as to ask is it better in stitue or is it easer to have your thymus glad removed in order to stop chronic lung inflammation or even would it work !

Looking at this clip of coughed up Lung Scar Tissue aka Lung Inflammation cause of my resent pain breathing eppersodes just how bad chronic lung inflammation can be.

Looking at Asbestos Lung Tissue Matrial i coughed up in one sitting its easy to see why lung disease progresses and my sats was low and bp high.

Lot's of doctors say asbestos cant cause emphysema esp those atos capita one's WELL i use term Doctors losely BUT from matrial i have been coughing up I would say it can WHY do i say that Asbestos Fibbers collect in the urinals of the lung Alveoli then you have Inflammation building up in the Alveoli so one as to ask given my videos pictures WHY cant asbestos cause emphysema


Its easy to see how given what sort of asbestos fibber you inhale and how the Asbestos Mesothelioma disease process manifests its self and how a simple itch you put down to eczema psoriasis can be as serious as Cancer Paraneoplastic syndrome

or Mesothelioma


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Hi Denis great articles, they confirm many of my own beliefs about the origins and continuation of the cell destruction caused by emphysema. I am almost certain that asbestos plays a big part as one of the causes of emphysema. But what can we do about it? thank you for your continuing research. I wish you could find a GP intelligent enough to understand what your saying. I hope you have a respite from your ailments soon and have a rest and time to breath, best wishes to you and take care Linda


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