" WOW!...At long last i have the energy and strength to be able to join you all again, and catch up with all your posts. I have been really sick since just after Christmas, with infection after infection.I couldn't walk at all with the excruciating pains i have been enduring with my R/A. and my Lupus flareup had totally knocked me sideways too. i have been on antibiotic 's and steroids since Christmas. and hopefully after tomorrow that should be my last lot for a long while... (fingers crossed) Eye's! and Rubyred.Thank you for your lovely letters of support to me. Cause living alone it really helped knowing that i wasn't totally alone. thanking you so much:) My Two dogs Nell and Noah, have been my constant reminder that i do matter. that i am needed. my life would be so lonely so empty without them. the picture i have posted is of Nell and myself out in my garden today. Our first day ventured out..Looking forward to chatting to everyone again i see we have a lot new members , i look forward to meeting you all too. so for now... Byeee'ss...Megan."

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  • Glad you're starting to feel stronger. I had a nasty bout of 'flu immediately after Christmas (despite having flu jab, but guess it can't cover all the strains) and it took me weeks to get back to anything approaching normal. Looks like you had plenty of the white stuff!! Hope you go from strength to strength and manage to stay well.

  • "Thank you Nanny for your lovely letter to me..Yes! it only takes a short while to get sick, but forever for it to clear up, So hopefully i am well on the mend now. I do hope that you start to feel much better too soon..take care yourself and keep well wrapped up now..Megan.."

  • Lovely to see you lass :)

  • "Thanks eyes. Yes!.. its lovely feeling like i'm part the human race again..hehehe!! hoping your doing okay too Eyes....Megan."

  • What a lovely image. Good news that you're feeling better. You sound as though you had a rough time of it.

  • "Awe jolyn.Thank you for liking my picture of me and Nell... Noah didn't trust me to come close enough for him to have his picture taken with us..hehehe he so hates the snow.But they are both happy that there mom is now on the mend.. you keep yourself safe ...Megan."

  • Hi there Megan we have not spoken before but I am always pleased to read that someone is feeling better than they were, it looks a wee bit white with that stuff in your garden, its something I am pleased to say we do not get very often by the seaside here in Devon. Nell looks a lovely friend and I dare say Noah is the same. Stay safe and don't rush it, I have a favourite saying I use all the time Keep smiling xx Fred :)

  • "Hello holly17.. Thank you for your lovely letter, and Yes! its seems like forever since i felt well But i am on the mend now, so onwards and upwards, and i hear what your saying. i won't get rushing things.. have a lovely and safe day.Megan!

  • Hi Megan it's great to see you back and posting again. The best bit about being ill is when you feel better again - isn't it a wonderful feeling? It looks very cold by you so wrap up well and keep warm. Take care. x

  • "Thank you cough for your welcome back,hehehe! yes the Best bit about being ill is the feeling of being so well again.. its been nice watching the snow fall. and as you see from the picture i just popped out into the snow so the dogs could stretch there legs..but it was very take care..Megan."

  • Well you certainly sound like your old self again Megan. Isn't it cold? It is brrr here but without snow. x

  • "Thank you cough. Yes! i am certainly starting to feel so much better too a lot less tired today, so each day is going to be better than the day before.. hehe can't wait..and Yes!! yes to your question is it cold..its absolutely freezing here with the temperatures dropping as the evening is drawing in.Brrrrrrrrr!!! .so i am now locked in with my two best friends. "Nell n Noah". and my feet are up the fire..hehehe!! so to take care yourself and keep yourself wrapped up..Megan."

  • Glad your on the mend after being so poorly. RA and Lupus, crikey, one on it's own is bad enough. Don't over do it now, it's too easily done when you start feeling better. Easy does it. xx

  • "Casper. thank you for your lovely letter to me .Yes trying to deal with the pain from my R/A was hard enough but to have a flare up with my lupus plus what seamed a constant infection of my COPD. did take its toll on me.But that was then..this is now..So! onwards n upwards Yes!! you keep warm.. and safe..Megan."

  • So pleased your feeling better Megan, lovely to see you posting again, i so enjoy your posts. Take care, keep wam. Love Kin Xx

  • "Thank you so much also kininmonth for your lovely letter to me.and yes a lot better now..Hope your keeping well .....Megan"

  • So pleased you are feeling better Megan.look after yourself xx

  • "Biker! thank you too for kind wishes to me..hoping your keeping well, keep yourself well wrapped up, and warm..Megan"

  • It is lovely to see you back Megan, so pleased you are feeling stronger, take care. Xris x

  • "Thank you Xris. Thank you for your lovely well wishes Yes! feeling much much stronger now thank you..hoping your doing okay and keeping warm..Megan."

  • Hey Megan,

    So very glad your feeling better. Seemed like forever . Your doggies must be happy to have there mommy back in good shape.I bet they were right by your side the whole time.! Glad to have you back in action

    Miss Megan, we missed you.

    Rubyxx :-)

  • "Hello Ruby!!

    thank you for your lovely support and your letters while i was so sick. its lovely to be back and feeling part of the family i so cherish, hoping all is well for you.keep yourself safe..Megan.

  • Glad you're feeling better - lovely dog! :)

  • "hey Sirjames..Thanking you for your well wishes. thank you also for noticing my Nell was a lovely dog.. she is beautiful so love both my dogs, Take care..Megan.":)

  • Hi Megan,glad your out n about again,snow,almost spring ,we never know what is going to happen from day to day.

  • "Colours!. Yes it is a lovely feeling being able to feel well enough to be out and about again.not as i have been far.hehe!! just out to my back garden n back...that was a start though. have a lovely safe day and keep yourself well wrapped up Colours..Megan."

  • Lovely to hear that you are on the mend, don't rush things get plenty of rest, x

  • "june.. thank you for your lovely letter. and i hear what your saying..i wont get rushing things day at a time yes.. hoping your doing okay..Megan."

  • Beautiful picture Megan. So pleased that you're feeling better. Only another few short weeks to spring, the flowers are already popping through.. Take care. XX

  • "Awe Nikkers,Thank you for your lovely letter too. Nell loves the snow so i got my friend to take that picture of me and Nell, Noah wasn't feeling brave enough.. hehehe even the male dogs can be big babies...hehe (no offence meant) but for him its true...:) Yes soon be spring..Yeah!!!. don't the clocks go back the 29th March... hope so make the days longer,Till then though you keep well wrapped up...Megan."

  • Hi Megan,glad your health is improving,lovely garden!Keep warm and happy,regards D.

  • "Farmer!!... Yes i am keeping myself all warm and well wrapped up. thank you for liking my little garden.i wasn't out there too long as it was freezing.Brrrrrrr.But i do love the snow..mostly watching it through the window... hoping your doing okay Farmer.. you take care yourself too.Megan."

  • Hi Megan, so glad your feeling better, its nice to have you back with us. Lovely picture and all that snow whereabouts are you.?......understand poor Noah, I had a dog like that once wouldn't put even a paw out in the snow if she could aviod it ...ha ha. You look after yourself don't rush it as my mam used to say 'learn to walk before you run' don't want you overdoing things to soon.

    Take care, Peg xx

  • "Hello to you peg. Thank you for your lovely letter to me and i am so glad you liked the picture of me and Nell enjoying the snow, if only briefly as it was so....Brrrr!! (far to cold).I live just outside of Birmingham. Well Bournville it is i live, its where they make the famous Cadburys chocolate.. there is a constant smell of chocolate in the air. so much so nobodys eats chocolate who live in the village.Hehehe! your right about Noah, he hates the snow. he doesn't like how it sticks to his coat for some silly reason it scares him..Bless. so he watched me and Nell from out the that your doing okay peg and your looking after yourself too. keep safe and also keep warm..Megan."

  • Hi Megan. What a beautiful photo.

    Don't know how I missed your post yesterday!

    I'm sorry you were so very unwell with infections. That Lupus can be unrelenting too and it knocks everything sideways. Is it SLE? One of my brothers has that but it has faded a lot now that he is older.

    The important thing is you are on the mend. So keep your feet up, keep warm and look after yourself. Great to see you back again.

    Sara xxxx

  • "Hello to you Sara. Thank you so much for your lovely letter to me. and my poor health problems that have dogged me these past weeks.Hehehe.Talking of dogs. thank you also for what you said about my picture.Yes.i ventured out albeit for a few moments with Nell. we only had a little play in the snow it was far to Brrr... cold. plus i didn't dare risk undoing all the good that i was now starting to feel. and Yes with the Lupus question Sara. mine is SLE. it affects my entire immune system Oh! and the pain, and the total burning feeling of my body it's a pain beyond I had been set on fire. i wasn't able to walk. and then still full of infection with my COPD which is stage 4 FEV1 .27%..So for a few weeks i was a total mess. But!! that was then, this is now. and i am feeling great..hoping your doing as good Sara..take care and you keep warm its still so cold...Megan"

  • Think you are a trooper!! With all you've been through and still cheerful. xx

  • So pleased to hear you are starting to feel better - my husband and I got the flu and himself was very ill with chest infections etc. It seems to have been a very germy winter! Wishing you all the very best - at least we have spring to look forward to. Take care and dont do too much! Lots of love TAD xx

  • " I hear you Tad...And i wont be undoing the good that i am now feeling. yes its been a horrible winter for chills, colds and infections..But! like you say...Spring soon be with us.Till then both you and your husband keep yourselves well wrapped up and warm...Megan.x x "

  • Hi Megan,

    Nice to see your post. Sorry you have been so unwell. It must be such a relief to feel like your getting on top of it now. We have been having terrible heat and humidity and I look at this pic and think hmmmm the other extreme. How brave you and the beautiful Nell are.......I imagine you don't stay out there very long breathing the ice cold air? Where is Noah does he not like the snow on his paws? Suz xx

  • What a lovely post and picture! So sorry of the struggle you've had since Christmas and very much relate to how much the support has meant esp as you live alone. That's me too, and our 'family' here help so much and we don't feel so alone.

    Just wanted to say welcome back, it's good to know how much better you're feeling now.

    Take good care of yourself and here's sending you a warm hug ~ Lovelight x

  • "Awe Lovelight...What a lovely warm hug you sent to me....And Yes, i am now starting to feel tons better after what seems to have been a long hard and very painful struggle, and as we both know living alone can make it that much harder to motivate yourself as everything is such an effort.But Us humans do seem to have a resilience, and eventually do bounce back....just never give up... giving up mind set certainly helps....Plus knowing that i had both Nell n Noah to care for ..for who was going to feed and care for them if not me..So that also helped motivate me too... But as i also say that was then...this is now..And life is back to being a gift...thank you for your lovely big hugs.. hoping that life is being kind to you too Suz... keep yourself well wrapped up, and warm.....Big (((Hugs))) back for you.. "

  • "Hello Suz.

    Thank you for your lovely letter and wishing me well.... What a difference our two weather extremes are...But in there own way both can be as bad for us...No!. i didn't stay out for long just long enough to throw Nell a couple of snow Balls. after that dashed straight back in and sat with Noah whom was sat looking out the window for he is scared the snow..hehehe! for some unknown reason.. only known to him..he is scared when the snow sticks to his coat he hates it. so nothing could persuade him to join Us. Bless him....hence him not being in the picture.but a nice hot cuppa coca and was soon warmed back up..I do hope that life is being kind to you Suz and that your feeling well....Megan...xx."

  • Hi megan love your dog I too have been knocked sideways and any way which ever you can since before Christmas, this year was the only year I never toasted in the new year my my fav tipple like you I am learning to walk all over again and get my self reduced on the time I spend on home oxygen.

  • "Awe Tony!!. I am so sorry to hear that you been so poorly too. and gosh! does'nt it take forever to get yourself back to some kinda feeling good...But!! Tony..You will... we have far more resilience than we sometimes allow ourselves. You just take it a day at a time, and like me Tony.. the learning to walk again will seem very daunting too. but you will do it. remember Rome wasn't built in a take good care yourself and keep well wrapped up and i am so happy that you liked my dog Nell.... Noah was far to scared the snow to venture out...hehehehe ...keep safe....Megan."

  • Aww so glad you are feeling better Megannell and that's a beautiful photo. Stay well Ruth. :) x

  • " Thank you for your lovely warm wishes Ruth. and also for liking the photo of myself and my Beautiful little dog Nell..hope life is being kind to you too. take care.. keep safe..Megan.."

  • Hi Megan was just wondering how you are progressing now you are up and about, are you able to get a short distance with your two pals or is the weather still against you. What ever still stay warm and steady as you go it will soon be spring. Bye for now xx Fred :)

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