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Blue Badges have dropped by 130,000!

Blue Badges have dropped by 130,000!

I listened to a very interested article on Blue Badges on Radio 4 yesterday. They state that BB have reduced by 130,000 since they changed the way they are issued in 2012. They have actively been told not to use GP recommendations as they could be wrong and due to long term relationship with the GP?

If you see the form they are basically using the DLA/PIP as the guidelines to whether the badge is allowed.

The walking distance of 20 metres is in reality a farce and has never been justified as to why they reduced it from the 50 metres other than to save them money!

If people are asked to go for an assessment they are very often on a very flat well maintained traffic free pathway. But not one of the assessors needs any medical knowledge and will base it on their observations and a set of questions?

You can listen to it on here:

Rant over!

Be well

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I went through absolute hell trying to get my blue badge - some years ago. I provided all info required including info from gp and a consultant. It was clear from local authority that they would only give to those on high rate mobility, which I eventually got. What annoys me is NOT the (few) people that have got their badge via fraud but family members who are using badge for their own means and clearly do not have a disability.

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I am the same I do not get DLA or PIP but without my badge I would be near on house bound. Even more so in the winter and then the smog and pollen days!

I issue fail to display tickets that do just that. Do not to those that display because like me I do not immanently look disabled.


I have to go for assessment on Monday, but the more I read the less inclined I am to think I might get one. I would just love to occasionally go to a shop on my own terms I.e. When and where I want instead of depending on relatives driving me and dropping me outside the entrance. Browsing or window shopping is out of the question when you know someone is waiting to take you back home.


I was turned down for a blue badge about 3 years ago after my gp kept the form for 4 months before returning it to the council who had been sending him a copies, said I was not disabled enough even thoughiI was constantly on strong painkillers and relied on muscle relaxants to be able to get out of bed due to chronic back pains. My family were furious and should have appealed which I didn't. My husband had no problems getting his when inter viewed by an occupational therapist employed by the council.



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