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Hi Folks, I was recommended a product late last year that reckons to kill the parasites inside us that is the cause of major illnesses. I'm a bit cynical about these kinds of products, but having had continual chest infections throughout 2014, I thought there's nothing to lose and if it does work, it's a great investement.

The product is called 'AlliTech' and is sold by Dulwich Health in London. I take the liquid form.They sell a whole range of health products.

I started taking it in November 2014 and I haven't had an infection for 10 weeks and whether it's coincedence or not I don't know. So far so good.

It's not cheap but even if it only helps to slow the rate of infection, I'd say it's worth every penny and also save on trips to the doctors, antibiotics etc.

Look down the left hand panel on the link below for information to the product.

Best wishes

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Hi sirjames, I am glad you are keeping well

I had a look at the product ...looks like it is garlic based or the chemicals that are found in garlic.

When I had a bad cold recently my Tesco food delivery man came and I told him to keep his distance as I didn't want him to catch it. He recommended garlic pills as they seemed to stop him getting colds.....he still kept his distance though! Mind you if I eat garlic everyone keeps their way of avoiding bugs.

I am pleased it seems the Allitech works for you.

Best wishes


thanks for the reply knitter. Yeah garlic is a well known antioxidant. and glad you're keeping vampires and Tesco drivers at bay! AlliTech is pure concentrated Allicin, the active ingredient of garlic. I found this review;

Allitech, which is pure allicin. Allicin is the principle biological active compound of garlic and scientific evidence suggest that allicin is responsible for the many health benefits associated with garlic. Allitech has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and it helps to clear up nasal congestion and inflammation, so it may help to prevent sinus infection. Garlic is also recommended for people with allergic rhinitis as it helps to reduce inflammation in the nasal passages. Allitech is brilliant and is much stronger than anti-biotics (without the side effects) I always have some in the house and take it at the first sign of an infection. It stops flu and colds in their tracks.

Like all reviews , you can wonder if they're genuine but I think Allitech is woth a shot and it seems a lot more powerful than garlic caps :) asI said, I had a lot of infections last year, one being pseudomonas which is notoroulsy difficult to treat that went on for months. 10 weeks this year with no infection is remarkable to me considering we're in the winter period . :)


You mention parasites.

A Strange fact: But they have found that if you are given hook worms your health will often improve and it has been proven to stop hay fever and asthma. The hook worms emit a chemical to kill the bad things in the body so they can eat the good stuff you are producing. The down side is it has to be controlled or it could make you ill when they increase past optimum.


Thanks - I never heard of that and will research


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