Snow in Devon

What is happening had to go to Torbay hospital this afternoon and on the way home it snowed, up on Dartmoor I can understand but not here by the seaside, but I need not have worried as now its turned to heavy rain and wind, which just goes to show its silly to worry about things that might not happen. You just got to smile :)

On another point anyone know why my profile photo is not showing ?

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  • HI Fred there was only a tiny bit of snow here preceded by heavy hailstones. I hope it doesn't really snow here as can't get up and down the hills then!

    I had the same thing with my picture a while ago and it just seems to be a blip on the system. You need to send the mods a message and they will sort it. I think Mark Pilling is resonsible for day to day stuff so just type his name in the members and let him know. x

  • Thanks there coughalot1, as you know there was no more snow but what a night the high winds and rain, although no rain now just the wind. I will send a message to Mark not that it matters to much as it give people a rest from seeing my old mug. Keep smiling Fred xx :)

  • Hi Fred, how are you, did it go well at the hospital? I didn't think that was you in the photo, I woner how that happened, maybe the goblins got into your laptop. Cough a lot has the answer, she's more of a tech head than I'll ever be. Good on her ? take good care. Love LeeLee. X

  • Morning LeeLee the visit was just routine thanks, still waiting to find out what treatment on offer. You were right coughat1 has passed on a name that might help so will give that a try. Look after yourself Fred xx :)

  • Ha ha ha oh you are so funny leeleebird. Me a tech head? No way never. It's only coz I have been here a while :) I am still fairly computer illiterate! x

  • I love the snow long as I don't have to drive in it. lol So long as I can watch it from the window, I think it looks really pretty. I paid an unexpected visit to Torbay hospital while we were on holiday a few years back. I fell over and broke my hip. Ooh! We were staying in Dawlish for two nights then off down to Cornwall for the rest of the week. Of course the latter didn't happen. Have a good Friday Fred. No Idea why your pic isn't showing. Maybe log out and then log back in or restart your computer. They are all the things I would do first. I hope your appointment went well. xxx

  • It's happened to a couple of us here Jolyn. Don't know why. It took around 2 weeks and several messages to the mods to sort mine out. I have pm'd the mods to report Fred's x

  • Well done Cough...we'll soon see Fred's lovely face again then. xx

  • Oh dear knew there was a downside :d Sorry Fred xx

  •'re so funny xx

  • Downside she said, thats my goodside coughalot1 come on now we are almost neighbours :) xx

  • Thanks Lyn you can be my favourite lol . I have 2 nieces that live close together and I always say to each at different times that one is my favourite but must tell the other, this has been going on for years and now became a bit of a family joke. xx

  • Giggling at you xxx

  • Thanks for the message, likewise its lovely to watch from the window, not that we get a lot of it being by the sea, but I was stationed in Scotland for 13yrs so had a fair amount of it there.Oh what a way to remember your visit to Devon, hope you enjoyed the trip other than that, my home town is next door to Dawlish.

    Thanks for the tips will try them all also coughalot1 has given me a contact. The appointment was routine so no more info yet as to what treatment on offer. Have a good weekend if possible Fred XXX :)

  • Hi Fred,

    Computers are such contrary things anyway. One day they work fine, then next day they act up every time you click. I've tried forever to put pic's on this site, but it just keeps telling me that I need to download Google chrome- which I have already - so I've given that idea up.

  • Hi Nkkers the easiest way (and the only way I can do it) is to save it first into your pictures then take it from there. Try that. x

  • Thanks Babe, I'll try that. XX

  • Your so lucky to live in Devon its a beautiful place snow or sun

  • Your right onamission the thing is being born here I tend to take it for granted, which we do with a lot of thing until its to late and we are not able to enjoy then any more xx Fred :)

  • We have had some fantastic holidays in Devon and the pasties are to die for they do a steak and stilton lush

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