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Like REALLY What Is It About Neurologist Letters

Like REALLY What Is It About Neurologist Letters

Like REALLY recived letter today from my much awaited appointmeant to see nurolagiest re my latest problems.

Gawd unlike orher departmeants that just send you a appointment nurolagy have to send you physic evaluation letter out lol

Well that what it read like GAWD i have been bad enough yet in letter it say's you don't have to phone them BUT i nearly didto find out what the letter actually meant.

After lot of head scraching wobbling and shaking penny droped

It was a letter saying they had got a letter ... anyway here it is can tell its from neurology department.

Am sure they do it for those spaced out on the perscription meds or co-codamol

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Seems a bit complicated doesn't it Daz but at least it says you will be safe and clean so that's got to count for something. Hope the appointment goes well when you get one.

Pete got a copy letter today from the Dermatologist to our GP saying that he had done the biopsy. We knew that and were hoping to get the results - the wait goes on.

Take care xxxx

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Hi Sassy59 Cheers yer i seen Nuroligest year half ago had it out with em tben about peeping my head lol

Even got a certificate of em well letter i framed saying nout up with my brain lol

But yer is tad confusing be that atos or capita as they run NHS Choose & Book might know Eh

To be honest av not been to great BUT at least its getting sorted sonner better am thinking.

A can remmber saying about pete was it eczema or psoriasis is that why is been at Dermatologist hope he dont have it on soles of feet it itches like mad even make my legs shake then ya fleck and then it hurts

Hope yas all ok on a hole tho and thanks for reply comment

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Hi Daz, just back from a nice short break on the Isle of Wight. Hope you are doing ok. Pete has a letter saying that he has eczema on his shins and to carry on using the steroid cream.

Thanks for asking about Pete, very kind of you and much appreciated. Still waiting for the back to be sorted out which is a shame as that is what is bringing Pete down.

Wishing you well. xxxxx


Hi D3nis

Poor you, as I said, I waited 3 months for an urgent Neuro apt. which told me what I already knew I have an essential tremor - he didn't address the spasms or ticks n twitches. So went back to my GP who was also confused at the response from consultant. He gave me Pramipexole and I have stopped 'break dancing 24-7' It is so nice to sleep alone without the constant irritation of a flick or spasm. I do think he had some sympathy for me cos I put me back out with a random leg kick in the office!

Stay strong - this med has been life changing for me - I think all my energy was used up with them involuntary movements now I can focus both mentally and physically.

You will get there - its just another battle to get through and I know you can do it.

Take care

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Hi Sokrackers Cheers thanks for reply yer i hope its nothing really but yer have been wasted of late and naping again.

Al i know is a feel ill most days and breathings been bad but it not all time.

Mad init yer the psoriasis on my sole of my feet apeard at about same time as treamors

Anyway am sure its just speed wobble thanks for reply surport ;)

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Reply hiyas DN3IS here is a list of hopes departments from what ive read its a good hospital,its the worrying really of not knowing so I hope you get an appointment soon as. looks like it just drags on really one thing on top of the other ,but you seem a strong minded person so keep at it .

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