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As so many people on this site are waiting months for assessments and decisions and also being messed about by the assessment agency and the DWP, this can be very worrying for anyone needing to make a claim. If you are one of the worried ones, do go through the process and make sure that you get help to tick all of the boxes and add up the points. I first telephoned for the form on November 14. I had a two hour assessment at home at the end of december and yesterday I was informed that I had been awarded the standard level for personal care and the enhanced level of mobility. I consider that this is fair for me - and very quick. I do think that I was lucky because I had an assessor who really listened to how my conditions affect me. Hopefully, in some areas they are beginning to get their act together and this will make things better for those who really need this benefit but are daunted by the process. Good luck to you all and please let us know your experience.

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  • Hi well done for getting yours through so quickly. It's nice to hear a success story. x

  • Some are still being assessed wrongly,a friend who had IPF was given lower amount on both components a few weeks ago,he was going to appeal,but got chest infection,he died last week,IPF is a killer but many are sadly wrongly assessed,I was lucky I do get the top rate,the trouble is very often we look well on the outside,whilst the disease is insidious on the inside,I can't believe my friend has gone so quickly,he was 52. Sooki.

  • yes, sadly and disgracefully I believe that more are being wrongly assessed than are correctly. As you say, we often look well on the outside and our disabilities are more to do with breatlessness which leads to exhaustion and debilitation. We can only hope that we can slowly educate the assessors in the problems of lung disease. I am really sorry to hear about your friend. pulmonary fibrosis is just so terrible.

  • I agree it does seem like if you look OK you must be?

  • Great to hear good news and positive PIP assessments. They have seemed so rare?

  • Hi SS,wow that was quick.I waited 8 months to get my assessment but got both enhanced so it was worth it.I,m glad you,re happy with what you got as so many are given nothing.I suspect the speed with which you were dealt has a lot to do with the upcoming election.Tory bribery? Surely not lol.Happy for you,take care,D.

  • I live in an area where a donkey in a blue ribbon would get elected so not worth their while on that front I think, especially as other people are being messed about and made to wait for so long. At least the farce which is the new Blue Badge system made it on to Radio 4 today. The scary thing was that none of the people whom they interviewed, whether acting for disabled charities or the govt agencies seemed to take on board how much it is making people suffer and the wide discrepancy in the knowledge and understanding of different conditions of those who are assessing the need.

  • What,going on with the blue badge then?I have one but not heard of any changes.

  • I had mine for 16 years. As you know, our conditions do not get better. This year my CCdecided that I had to have an assessment because I was not on PIP or DLA. This has been happening to many people because they have needed the Blue Badge but have not claimed anything from the state. The assessments are carried out on a lottery basis. You are lucky if you get somebody who realises that breatlessness affexts your ability to walk and that you do not have an 'aid' because you have nobody to lift it out of the car for you. A lot of people are being refused the Badge after many years because of this ignorance. As. result of having a good assessor I now have my Blue Badge which will be automatically renewed because I also now have enhanced mobility PIP which she suggested applying for. Also for the first time in my life I am receiving money from the state.

  • Yes I remember the person who did my assessment for the badge was an idiot,kept asking if my knees were ok .Which they were of course" but one can.t do anything if one can,t breathe" I explained.Badge refused.Letter from Doctor,got the badge on appeal.Maybe we timed it just right but for the sake of others I really hope this attack on the truly disabled is reversed.I have no time for "scroungers" but the genuine cases should not suffer because of them.I ordered my car on Wednesday and hope to become a bit more active politically,for the disabled, when I get mobile.D.

  • pip I phoned for forms on 9th December, had assessment 26th January which lasted 25 minutes, was told would get a decision between 4-8 weeks so just wait on outcome.

  • good luck, I hope you are successfull

  • As Farmer D says it could be the election and labour will not commit themselves on this Brown wanted to reinstate Atos with the contract labour gave them.

    How much does it cost for an assessment ?

    Why is the word of the GP who treats you not good enough ?

    When are they going to learn we will never get better or improve ?

    Why do we have to go through this every 2 years ?

    Mr Brown hold your head in shame

  • There is so much nonsense in the way that they are operating. On Radio 4 You and Yours today they had an article on the reform of the Blue Badge system and how it is failing many becaus the wrong people are doing assessments. They interviewed one poor chap who is 88, has damaged legs from being run over, is nearly deaf and blind in one eye. He needs his Badge for his daughter to drive him to places. He has had a BB for 7 years and they have now refused to renew it.

  • The system was working very well before being changed by Gordon Brown and ONLY 1% of claims were fraud so they had this brain wave lets give Atos a big contract worth millions to stop the 1%.

    They were also given an incentive to get the people who needed the benefit off them venerable people and this is why it is in such a mess and the most frustrating thing about this is they are going to continue with this system if reflected.

    If it isn't broke don't fix it

  • Hi Filbberti i'm not try to convince anyone I merely pointed out that Atos was set up by the labour party and even though the Tories have had plenty of time to change the benefit system they have not,

    I worked in the NHS for many years and I was a proud supporter of the labour party until they introduced the sanction's on the NHS sanctions that could never work and destroyed the NHS again the Tories have done nothing and a MP for the labour party said this week they are proud of the changes they made to the NHS.

    I'm am not a supporter of any party I am realistic in thinking that no party will help us and for many years they will continue with this system that will never work.

    Both NHS & the benefits system is at risk they will all promise the earth then when they are elected they will continue with the kick them while they are down attitude Atos have shown this perfectly

  • well after a long hard fight the letter came this morning...

    i didn't have to endure a medical or home visit after i got a letter from doctor to confirm wot they already know and have done for years lol...

    moderately server copd/emphysema with depression and the lovely panic attacks that come as standard with anxiety....

    so the 3 year award is enhanced care & again standard mobility which i had under the old dla system.

    so a wee upgrade to enhanced care is brill plus the standard mobility is great as i will get bus pass again without going down the mental health route ie depression.

    i hope everyone is as lucky with there pip as i have been.

    i was on low rate mobility under dla so im not sure i will get anything back dated from may 2014 & my old dla was up in oct 2014 but they paid that out till the award of pip so not sure although i believe my esa will go up so need to wait & see.

  • Well done Roger, it's good to hear that they get it right sometimes (as they did with me) and that it wasn't too stressful for you.

  • hi and yes it is when they should have been giving wot we are all due !

    this was a post I made last year and put it up again as thought it would help some others.

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