This sight is good and a lot people do help with probs on here and know a lot to and are v.ill or ill alot time some like to have laff bit humour it lightings the mood when really down its not all a joke time here selling stuff dont know about that one get know some people your see there lovely nice csn help sll have to do is ask give it a chance iv not been on that long my self and its like fam here if some one can help with some think thay will do for you:-)

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  • That's nice england, I'm glad you're enjoying the site and it's helped you and many others including me! Stay warm and snug, huff xxx

  • Hi england, I've not been on for a while , but just wanted to say hello, and a nice thing for u to say when ur so new to the site yourself. Take care x sonia xx

  • Hi sonia72 yer wel found i this sight when was looking about on my phone theres people lot more worse ill wize on here been dealing with things for a long time years know a lot prob more then some gp.s ha ha

  • Glad that you are settling in and finding the community helpful and able to pick you up a bit. Jokes are ok provided people post them with the Topic of Humour. Some people don't mark their posts with the correct Topic which can annoy people. Especially as it is only a case of picking from a multiple choice list before selecting Submit. Rib

  • It is by far the best. I have posted on others and it has been amazing the biased response I have had or simply no response at all.

    We all have our moments but that is the joy of being human! Sometimes it is best to agree to disagree?

    Be Well

  • Hay offcut fid you get any kip? Took a nod pill fell a seep at last got about 6hours earphones on with radio on as twats above us like to bangon floors all night long tel 3 4am

  • Even with a sleeping pill I rarely get more than 3 hours of unbroken sleep. I think I have got used to it in a funny way.

  • Yer but know now can get sleep when tird but think cant as your minds loves to play around with it wind you up with worrying im bad sleeper any way

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