Dear cofdrop

Had a call from cofdrop today, she is now back home from hospital but still unwell with lung infections and sounded very worried about her lovely daughter who is going into hospital tomorrow to have her thyroid gland completely removed.

Cofdrop's pc is still broken, she asked me to pass on her good wishes and thanks to everyone who wished her well, this really boosted her a lot, there is a definite lift in spirit when many people combine their positive wishes.

I will be lighting a candle for cofdrop's daughter tomorrow.

As always cofdrop was concerned about others and said she was very worried about Mo, Mocary who is back in hospital now but no more news, I am thinking of her too.

Su xx

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  • My love and positive thoughts are going out to Cofdrop,her Daughter and Mocary, I'm thinking of you all, thank you zube for letting us know, hugs huff xxx

  • Thank you huff, positive thoughts most welcome, I passed them on to her and she asked me to say thank you so much to huff, it means a lot to her. xx

  • Oh poor Cofdrop. Please give her my love when you speak to hear again and thanks for letting us know. x

  • Thank you coughalot1, I received a txt from her this am, she asked me to thank you for your support as well. xx

  • Aw bless. She is a lovely lady and I wish her all the best. xx

  • HI Zube,

    Please pass on my best wishes for a speedy recovery to Cofdrop, and I hope everything goes well with her daughter's operation tomorrow. All the best to Mocary to and hope she gets well soon.

    Thanks for letting us know, and hope the messages boost them all, as they have done for others.

    Big hugs all around,

    hugs from Huggs xx :)

  • Thank you huggs, passed on your comforting big huggs to cofdrop, she asked me to thank you for your good wishes, I'm sure it will help her get through today. xx

  • Hi zube,

    You are welcome, and hope cofdrop improves daily, and I know how it is such a boost to have messages from everyone, so my thoughts are with her and her daughter today, and once the op is over, it will be such a relief to her.

    Get well soon cofdrop and your daughter.

    more hugs,

    Huggs xx :)

  • Hi Zube, thoughts and best wishes to all 3 of them, thanks for keeping us informed. Xx Sonia xx

  • Thank you Sonia1972, you too, cofdrop has asked me to thank you for your good wishes, this is all helping her so much. xx

  • Please send her my regards. I hope she's feeling better soon, and I'm thinking of her and her daughter.

    Kim xx

  • Thank you kimmy, I sent cofdrop your message and she asked me to thank you so much, sorry I'm late getting back to you. xx

  • Thank you flib, I know, I'm never sure about doing the poorly pester either but I know she would defo love a txt from you, you both go back a long way brus and Mo too I think?

    Sorry for delay in reply, I've had to get my dh to hospital today with some bleeding back of his eyes, possible stroke related.

    I have not heard any more news on dear Mo, will post if I do. xx

  • Please pass on my best wishes to cofdrop too. May I also say I really feel for your dh too as when I had my stroke it went for one of my eyes. I hope that the hospital sort it out properly. Rib

  • Hello Rib, thank you I will pass your good wishes on to cofdrop. I am amazed to read of all the health difficulties that you are having to live with for so long, and lost sight in one eye too, is it your left eye ?

    my dh has to go back to hospital tomorrow, no conclusion so far and his sight is now "blurry". our hospital is 25 miles away in Taunton, hope they can help.

  • HaHa funnily enough it is my left eye, why? When I had my stroke the ambos took me to the nearest hospital that has a stroke unit. 20 mile away. Unfortunately it is also the nearest hospital anyway. I laid about in A&E waiting for triage with all the friday teatime trade. Eventually they decided that it looked as if my retina had torn. They didn't have any eye doctors so they sent me to another hospital which was another 25 miles away. Although my wife had followed the ambulance to the hospital they would not let me go in my car. As I had arrived in an ambulance I had to be transferred in an ambulance. After waiting for an ambulance again, then another agonising journey being jolted about I arrived there at 2am and at 2.50 they had an eye doctor arrive to see me. Said "um er, yes you definitely have a detached retina" and "why have they sent you here, they know that the area trust doesn't employ a retinal surgeon, you will have to go to Queens. I will ring them at 9 am and try to get them to take you as an emergency case, and then I will ring you so that you know what is happening. Fortunately they were not so stupid about ambulances and I left in my car.

    On the monday I had to go for a 90 mile journey to see an eye surgeon. He said that I needed urgent surgery and on Wednesday I had to make the same journey back again to try and save my sight. They used a laser to refit my nearly completely detached retina. 6 week of drops. Then back for a 90 mile review to find that it had not worked. Back again the following week for a repeat of the op but to have it redone by cryothermy. Alas the retina had failed to stay in place. From what I gather it curled up and died. Rib

  • Yikes !! Rib, that is exasperating, all that waiting fiasco, traveling and hopes to no avail, it is a great pity they could not save your eye, I hope you can enjoy music and hearing, such pleasure.

    Today at the hosp they found that the bleeding was caused by a stroke blockage in the back of his left eye, first they suggested treating it with a needle into that area but then decided to wait a month to assess changes, I questioned if the bleeding had anything to do with a bad fall dh had at the hosp an hour before he had the eye screening last week, he hit his cheek on pavement, has big black eye, "no" they thought not.. so we wait.


  • I am no expert at ophthalmology so I would be in the same position and guided by the hospital as to the best way forward. Hopefully the month will pass quickly and they will come up with as satisfactory solution. Rib

  • Thanks for the update. I've been wondering about Cofdrop and hoping to get news of her. Very best wishes to C, her daughter and Mocarey.

  • Thank you Argana, I have passed on your good wishes and cofdrop asked me to thank you too, she sounded moved by all the messages and concern for her. Have not heard how Mocarey is, we can only hope she is getting good treatment and is comfortable. xx

  • Thank you so much for the update. Please send her my love, I will say a prayer for her daughter and Mo. Funny old year this is turning out to be!! Roll on Spring. Lots of love TADxx

  • Thank you TAD, I will pass on your message, you are right, spring can't come soon enough and is best time of year for her daughter to recover from the op. xx

  • Hi all, just had txt from cofdrop, she sounded so relieved saying that her daughter is out of surgery and now back on ward recovering, she is so grateful for all your support, unwell herself it must have helped her through a very difficult time.

    Does anyone know how Mocarey is ?

    Su xx

  • Dear Cofdrop, if you're reading this then HUGE hugs and very best wishes from me to you. Think of you often and hope you're doing okay.

    One of my best friends is now about 43. She's been without her thyroid for over ten years and does very well. During that time she's had two boisterous boys, now 9 & 5.

    She's very very well always having regular health checks and I believe she takes thyroxin.

    Peege xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. PS thank you Zube for this post, every little bit of love helps I'm sure!

  • Thank you peege, I hope cofdrop can read your uplifting , hopeful message, I will tell her you wrote, she mentioned that she was struggling to see all these messages on her small mob screen.

    I have not heard from her today, dh and me just back from day at hosp. xx

  • Thank you so much su. My deep thoguht for Cofdrop and her daughter. I don't know anything about thyroid glands, but I have heard that you can live a good life without it provided you take the right drug to support the missing hormones. It's obviously a very important operation.I join my hands for cofdrop, her daughter and you Su for having brought the news to our knowledge. so much worries, but also so much hope for healing. Mic

  • Hello helingmic, thank you I will pass on your hopeful caring message to cofdrop. I do not know much about thyroid glands either but you are right, it does sound very hopeful, I'm sure your message will help her too, she has mentioned how well you have been doing with exercise. Su

  • Hi zube

    Tell cofdrop not to worry i had my thyroid gland removed 17 years ago and i have to take levothyroxine tablets every day.

    And my gp checks twice a year with a blood test but all ok and just got use to it now has part of life

    Its the copd that worrys me more.

    Best wishes


  • Hi

  • Hi music, thank you, I will pass this on, it is really helpful of you to mention that you have been ok without your thyroid for 17 years and the tabs you are on, sorry you have to cope with copd as well though.

    Do you still have the sinus problem, think I remember you had a problem with it a while back ? I had it too for a long time but it is not so bad now, I use a nasal rinse once a week now.


  • Hi su

    Have had sinas problems and brought nasal spray over the counter in boots and tescos great inprovment could breath though my nose again, but i did not know that i should not keep useing it has i was on and off for about 3 months.

    My doctor prescrisped me with another sort of steriod nasal spray that i should take two times a day for a few weeks and i seem to have stayed ok but still early days yet.

  • Hi Zube

    Just to let you know that i did not have to have an operation to remove my thyoid.. i had to take this one tablet well capsal just the once

    that somehow slowly removes it after a week or so

    Good luck


  • Hi music, I am interested to know what the tablet you had hun. The Endocrinologist spoke of 3 treatments - lomg term drugs, surgery or iodine radiiation given i think as a drink or tablet. This was ruled out as my daughter has a young child and works with children and would also like to have another child in the near future.

    It is reassuring to hear things have worked well for you.

    love cx

  • Hi cofdrop.

    I remember i had the radiation tablet just the once and i had to be off work for some weeks but felt fine after taking it and the reason that i had to be off work sick was because i was told i must not go near someone who is pregnent or children for some weeks and i think elderly people but ( not sure on that elderly one )

    Then have to still take levothyroxine for the rest of my life i think to keep my hormoans level or someting like that but dont forget this was 17 years ago so i would think that things must be diferant now or inproved.

    Sorry about the spelling hope you can understand what i mean and hope this may help let me know if you want more info.

    Best wishes


  • That must have been very difficult for you and I am glad you are ok now hun with the aid of thyroxine. Thank you for replying.

    love cx

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